Amulya: Spun in GOLD, again?

Published Jan 4, 2017, 12:51 am IST
Updated Jan 4, 2017, 7:04 am IST
The Golden formula is back with Amulya and Ganesh paired together in this new release. The actress is optimistic about this one too.

The Golden Queen of Sandalwood has had a great run at the box office in the past few years with Shravani Subramanya followed by Gajakesari and her latest hit Krishna Rukku.

Amulya, has been a “golden” charm for Golden Star Ganesh, and both have delivered three hits together, are set to make a comeback for the fourth time with a smile for Yogaraj Bhat in Mugul Nage.


It also marks the return of Yogaraj Bhat and Ganesh, who were last seen flying kites in Galipata after their raining success Mungaru Male. Amulya talks about her ongoing project Masti Gudi, about Mugul Nage, and much more in this tete-a-tete.

“Right now, I have some dubbing portions left for Masti Gudi, and I have Mugulu Nage scheduled for shooting in the coming weeks. As it is a comeback of two star personalities, it has to have the best comedy elements with even the audience expecting the same from the Yograj and Ganesh combo at their best. This time,  I will be seen in a more mature role when compared to the previous ones where I have paired with Ganesh Sir,” says Amulya.

The actress is also up for a change! In a surprising make-over, Amulya will either be speaking the Uttara Karnataka style of Kannada or conversing as a Mangalurean in Mugulu Nage.

“It will be a great challenge to try out the various dialects in Kannada. It helps connect with audience from different parts of the state. Apart from being a mature character in the film, I will be portraying one with great responsibility, which will remind the audience about their loved ones. The character will surely make a mark with the audience. Every one has their own memorable moments in life, and this character too is about such memories,” she adds.

Apart from acting, Amulya has been constantly changing her onscreen appearance since Gajakesari, where she broke away from being an ordinary school-going girl, or an immature girl on the run for some fun. “I have been trying various shades of contact lenses since Ram Leela. This time, I am trying another shade which gives me a totally new look. I am also trying a new hair style, and costumes after the director finalises them,” she adds.

About Masti Gudi, in which she plays the love interest of Duniya Vijay, in a love-triangle, the actress fondly remembers the two actors who lost their lives in the tragic incident while shooting at the TG Hali Reservoir.

“Ever since we lost those two lives, I remember Uday and Anil, at least twice a day. I did not have any shots with them, but they were such great individuals. As an artiste, I cannot forget them. They had a great passion for acting. No matter what, we cannot bring them back. Henceforth, we have only one thing on our mind —  to finish the movie, and dedicate it wholly to the lives we lost. I am yet to digest the news that they are no more. Even when my father, who was everything to me, passed away, I started accepting the reality after a month but with these two, their memory keeps coming back,” she shares.  

While she admits that she does not plan ahead in terms of her career, she had a few resolutions personally —  including cleaning her room! “I never plan my career. I only made some simple resolutions, mainly to clean my room which has not happened for the past three days, even after I resolved to do so,” she smiles.