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Rad takes stork joyfully

Published Aug 1, 2018, 12:00 am IST
Updated Aug 1, 2018, 12:02 am IST
The actress, wife and now mother-to-be Radhika Pandit opens up about her pregnancy and her fruitful 10 years and more in the industry...
Radhika Pandit in an exclusive still from her latest movie.
 Radhika Pandit in an exclusive still from her latest movie.

She started her filmi journey a decade ago. And since then, the gorgeous lass has delivered the maximum number of hits, worked with some of the most talented filmmakers, acted alongside star actors, and most importantly, made a mark for herself with notable performances thanks to her impeccable acting and dancing skills. An unblemished record minus controversies, a rarity for an actress, she is still going strong even after marrying her best friend with whom she started her acting journey.

Now, first time mother-to-be, Radhika Pandit speaks to Bengaluru Chronicle, as she takes a look back at her star-studded career, and spills the beans on her present happy phase of being pregnant. She also opens up about her upcoming movie, and of course, about her Rocking Star husband Yash.

“I am happy and proud when I look back at my 10 years in the film industry as an actress. Especially considering the fact that I had no connection whatsoever with the industry. I feel it was all destined. Yes, for an actress, it is a memorable milestone to reach such a stage inspite of all the odds she has had to face in her journey. It is not survival alone which matters but sustainability that is a crucial factor for an actress,” says Radhika Pandit.

The pretty actress who is expecting her first child with her Rocking Star husband Yash, in December, chirps, “Even after working for over 10 years, playing lead and being a part of various successful ventures, is great. When people come offering you quality work, I think that is a result of the sheer hardwork and dedication I have had towards my profession. I never did films for the sake of money alone, or for any favour or obligation. I loved my work and it was a conscious decision to give my best all the time. I was also lucky that I had the opportunity to work with some of the finest talents, professional technicians and co-artists.


Her parents have been her greatest strength and support. “It is a place (industry) of vulnerabilities. One can lose oneself (in the limelight) as success can act adversely. Anything is possible here. But, thankfully, my parents were my biggest strength during the course of my career,” she adds.

As to how she ventured into acting, she reveals that as a part of the Mt Carmel College dance team, a friend advised her to try for a teleserial audition. She was selected straightaway, and that was when she met her future husband Yash, who also started his career on TV with the serial Nanda Gokula. Later, they coincidentally made their debut in Moggina Manasu, and the rest is history.


“It was an act of destiny when the makers of Moginna Manassu were looking for Kannada speaking girls. It was during the time of Mungaru Male, and the perfect launch,” Radhika adds.

As to her happiest moment of becoming a mother, Radhika shares her joyous news: “I have always managed my professional and personal life to the best of my abilities. As I play various roles in reel life, in real life too, I am a citizen, daughter, wife, daughter-in-law and so on, and now a mother-to-be. Acting is a part of life, and I am going through the sweetest phase of my personal life. More than me, Yash is over the moon. I am enjoying all the attention and pampering. For once, I no longer have to think about dieting. Who ever, I meet these days only advices about eating a lot and just relaxing,” she smiles.

Of course, Yash, who loves children, is the happiest knowing that he will soon have his own, she pipes.

That’s not all, the talented actress will see the release of her latest movie (yet-to-be titled) in the coming weeks which also stars Nirup Bhandari. It promises to be a wholesome entertainer. She signs off saying that she will be only taking a sweet little break, and will be back to work after enjoying motherhood.



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