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A Simple Shubra SEENasation

Published Mar 1, 2017, 12:00 am IST
Updated Mar 1, 2017, 6:59 am IST
The lissome Coorg beauty took a breather after Vajrakaya, and is now back as the love interest in this new Kannada film.
Shubra Aiyappa
 Shubra Aiyappa

Two years ago, at almost six feet, a svelte and beautiful Coorg beauty towered into Sandalwood and created waves, and “simply” wowed audiences in a song. She then went off the radar for a bit.

Now, back as the love interest of John Seena, Shubra Aiyappa hopes for some more tall claims. Her ‘John Seena’ however has nothing to do with the WWE popular wrestler John Cena. It’s just the title of the upcoming directorial venture of Simple Suni of the Simple Aag Ondh Love Story and Bahuparak fame.


The model-turned-actress Shubra makes a comeback after two years and speaks to Bengaluru Chronicle about her love for John Seena, and what made her wait for a while despite the huge popularity she attained after her short and sweet special appearance in Vajrakaya’s famous song No Problem alongside Shivanna.

“My second film in Kannada is very different from my earlier one, as an actress. I had never expected that first-ever song in Kannada featuring me along with the great Shivarajkumar Sir would become so popular, and would go onto be the number one song of that year. That is so so wonderful.”


Though, I play the love interest in my John Seena, the character I am portraying is very interesting, though revealing any more about her would spoil the whole fun of the movie,” says Shubra, adding that it will be a complete transformation for her.

On why she chose to wait for some time despite her huge popularity, the actress feels that she is not a person who will do something just because she has to, but only when she wants to. “I love my craft so much that I will be a part of something if I have a connect with it. When the first film came to me, it was very exciting. I knew that there would not be too much of a screen presence but sharing the screen space with Shivarajkumar Sir, playing his love interest, and also the song was a great debut,” Shubra says.


She admits that she did get a lot of offers, but did not accept them out of choice. “After doing a film of that level, it only made sense to either do something on par with it or to wait for something higher,” she says. In a first for her, she will be lending her own voice in John Seena.

“I got many calls and enquiries but nothing got caught my attention. The numbers are irrelevant, and also, if I choose the wrong film, it would be difficult to bounce back as history has seen such actresses typecast.

Hence, I have been a little more careful with the choice of movies, and decided to take a break for something after Vajrakaya. I got an offer that involved Suni Sir for his next directorial. He has such a great reputation since Simple Aag Ondh Love Story, and the kind of films he has been making are different. Once I heard the fantastic script, I had to accept it,” she adds.


With the shoot in progress, the actress is doing her home work for John Seena — there are strict instructions at home to speak only in Kannada, amongst a huge to-do list.

“Featuring in the No Problem song, as a beautiful girl was easier for me, as I was a model. Now working for Suni has been very great. He is quirky at work, and there is never a dull moment,” she says.

The actress thanks her modelling days for helping her to a great extent when she took up films. “I started modelling at 15, and have worked for almost all the designers in India, and walked on the international catwalk as well. I am certainly not over-confident, but modelling helped me face my fears (in front of the camera). When I started doing ads, I was identified, and I was also interested in doing films as it allows me to explore different characters and evolve,” Shubra explains.


Before signing off, the actress who loves dancing says that her parents have been the greatest support for her, and post No Problem, they have changed
their caller tunes to the song that saw her catapult to fame. “Even now, they help me with rehearsals at home as they know Kannada very well,” she ends.