Rohit Bose Roy’s India's First AI-based film 'IRAH’

The trailer and song of the first AI-based film ‘IRAH’ was launched in Mumbai. Music composer Sameer Sen also graced the event

In this fast paced technical era, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the most talked about invention. Professionals from the glitz and glamour world always love to be the first ones to try new things.

The trailer and song of the first AI-based film ‘IRAH’ was launched in Mumbai. Music composer Sameer Sen also graced the event.

The Hindi film starring Rohit Bose Roy and Karishma is produced by Big Films Media and directed by Sam Bhattacharjee, and it is set to release nationwide in theatres on April 4 through Lamplex Digital Theatrical Distribution.

Excerpts from Deccan Chronicle exclusive chit-chat with Rohit Bose Roy

At this stage and age, Rohit is the first actor playing central character in IRAH, recorded for an audio series titled,"Woh Kaun Thi”, also hosting his podcast on fitness and more on the title IRAH

This film is special to me as it marks my portrayal of the central character. It's my first experience working on a film of this genre and almost the entire film was shot using VFX. Many of my scenes involve delivering dialogues in thin air. My character's name is Hari Singh, and if you reverse it, it spells IRAH. I developed an app named IraH that can recreate anything. The film revolves around what could happen if this app falls into the wrong hands.

On the intriguing story line

Off late, there has been a lot of discussions on such a film. Getting the first AI-based film tag is a feather in my cap. I hope we will enjoy the film and the performances with a bunch of great actors -- Rajesh Sharmajee is there who is a great friend and brings magic into every scene. I think the film in itself is full of twists and turns, drama and is an intriguing film.

On the preparation for this role

When asked this question, many stars speak nonsense. To play a convict or to play a gangster, I don't need to go and live in the chawl to perform that character on reel. To play these characters, I will create a character who talks like a gangster. I will study the life history of some gangster or whatever character I am playing. Like in Kaabil, I played the role of a rapist in the film. I tried to bring perfection by just reading the lines and creating that character. It is also important to read the mind of the character you set out to play. Here I understood that Amit Shellar needed to be in this certain way -- his manners, thought process. Keeping all that in mind, I played the character. Hari Singh is well written; therefore, I understood the character and delivered my lines.

On challenging himself at this age

I always challenge myself with the work I get. Be it a Khatron Ke Khiladi or IRAH, I certainly do what comes to me. At my stage and age, I have recorded for an audio series titled,"Woh Kaun Thi.'

I change myself to suit the requirements of Gen Z. A lot of young people listen to podcast and so I am hosting my podcast on fitness.

About being tech savvy

I’m okay, not very tech savvy. I don't know as much as my daughter but I know more than my mother.

IRAH 2 announced

On this occasion, Rohit Roy also announced IRAH 2. He mentioned that it's an intriguing zone and work on its sequel has already begun.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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