Rising Urban Punjabi artist D Cali Takes Off With ‘Personal Jet’ from his upcoming album

D Cali's latest single Personal Jet blends urban hip-hop with reggae vibes, showcasing his Indian roots and Californian influence as he gears up for his upcoming album

D Cali, the rising star of urban Punjabi music, has just released his latest single, 'Personal Jet', setting the stage for his highly anticipated album 'Urban Domination'. Born in New Delhi and raised in the vibrant culture of California, he fuses his Indian heritage with the beats of urban hip-hop to create a sound uniquely his own.

'Personal Jet' embodies D Cali's journey and aspirations, showcasing a splendid ‘jet-setting’ lifestyle through its captivating music video shot in Los Angeles. The video features a private jet and a luxurious beach bungalow, while the track's urban hip-hop and reggae style deliver a smooth, rhythmic flow that reflects the artist.

Reflecting on his bi-cultural upbringing, D Cali says, “Growing up in California, I found a bridge to my Indian heritage through Hindi and Punjabi music. My journey across two cities inspired me to embrace both cultures, which is reflected in my artist name - D Cali.”

This blending of worlds is not just a narrative but also a strategy that has led to significant collaborations. He says, “After years of practice and learning, I've finally found my unique sound. Collaborating with artists like Ikka, Fateh, Pardhan, and featuring actress Sunny Leone in my video 'Barbie Doll' have been the highlights of my career so far.”

D Cali's discography includes a string of hits such as 'Desifornia,' 'What To Do,' 'Radio Girl,' 'Chorni,' and the recent romantic freestyle 'Teriyan Gallan'. These tracks have garnered millions of views on YouTube and have solidified his reputation as a new hitmaker on the block on the urban Punjabi music scene. D Cali's vision, however, goes beyond music and entertainment. Determined to influence the younger generation positively, he aims to steer clear of promoting negative themes that are often associated with the genre and quite prevalent in the music scene. With a background in Recording Arts, his diverse influences range from Jazzy B and Bohemia to Dr. Dre and Eminem, allowing him to create music that transcends cultural boundaries.

'Personal Jet' is a statement of the singer's ambition and achievement. As D Cali puts the finishing touches on his album 'Urban Domination,' he promises his fans an immersive experience into his world of urban Punjabi music.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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