Paarijatha Parvam OTT Release Date Confirmed

Telugu movie Paarijatha Parvam is all set for its OTT debut on Aha Video on June 12, 2024. It is directed by Kambhampati Santosh, who made another rom com called Boyfriend For Hire. Paarijatha Parvam is all about a blend of humor, drama, and intrigue.

Paarijatha Parvam is all about Chaitanya, an aspiring filmmaker determined to forge his friend Harsha in a main position. After several rejections and an insulting come upon with a producer named Shetty, Chaitanya devises a plan to kidnap Shetty’s wife. However, chaos ensues whilst every other gang tries the identical kidnapping, leading to a whirlwind of misunderstanding, crime, and comedy.

The movie has Chaitanya Rao, Malavika Satheeshan, Sunil, Harsha Chemudu, Shraddha Das, Srikanth Iyenger, and Surekha Vani in key roles.

The movie is penned and directed with the aid of Kambhampati Santosh. Ree has composed the music, Bala Saraswathi handled the cinematography, and Sasank Vupputuri is accountable for the editing. Produced with the aid of Mahidhar Reddy and Devesh, "Paarijatha Parvam" obtained mixed opinions from critics and audiences alike throughout its theatrical run.

Paarijatha Parvam will stream on Aha Video from June 12, 2024.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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