LSD Web Series Review

Exploring the depths of suspense and mystique, the web series "LSD" takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride through a narrative rich in unexpected turns and chilling revelations. Directed by Shiva Kona and produced by Anil Moduga and Shiva Kona, the series boasts a talented ensemble cast featuring Prachi Thakur, Neha Deshpande, Prabhakar, Kunal, Abhilash Bandari, Ramya Dinesh, and more. With Praveen Mani and Shashank Tirupati handling the music and Pawan Guntuku and Harsha Ediga serving as cinematographers, 'LSD' promises to be a visually and musically enticing experience.

Intriguing Plot and Character Dynamics:

The story of "LSD" kicks off with the introduction of a mysterious baby character, setting the stage for an unpredictable journey. The focus shifts swiftly to a group of friends embarking on a forest trip, only for their escapade to take a dark turn. As the plot unfolds, a series of serial murders grips the audience's attention, promising to unravel the mysteries hidden within the eerie woods.

Powerful Performances and Diverse Cast:

Prachi Thacker shines in her role as Candy, leaving a lasting impression with her performance. Prabhakar delivers a solid act, and the ensemble cast, including Abhilash Bhandari, Kunal Kaushal, Ramya Dinesh, Neha Desh Pandey, and Prachi Kether, brings diversity and depth to their respective roles. The characters' varied personalities contribute to the complexity of the narrative, creating an engaging viewing experience.

Technical Brilliance:

While the music elevates the series with its well-crafted compositions, attention to dubbing and editing could have added further polish. Director Siva Kona masterfully builds intrigue from the onset, introducing peculiar behaviors and ominous dreams that set an enigmatic tone. The cinematography captures the essence of the forest setting, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

Pacing and Climactic Surprises:

Despite a somewhat slow start, the series gains momentum in the middle, delivering a more engaging narrative. The climax is a whirlwind of unexpected twists, amplifying the overall appeal of the storyline. The uneven pacing may be a minor drawback, but the series compensates with its gripping plot and captivating character arcs.

Director Shiva Kona's treatment of the plot keeps the suspense element intact from the beginning until the end, making 'LSD' a must-watch for those seeking an immersive and unpredictable viewing experience. As the release date approaches, anticipation is building, and fans are gearing up for an exhilarating journey into the unknown with 'LSD' on MX Player. Get ready to dive into the complexities of relationships, unexpected encounters, and the mysteries of the forest, all rolled into one captivating web series.


"LSD" emerges as a compelling thriller that transcends traditional storytelling boundaries. It not only conveys a cautionary message about the perils of illicit relationships but also weaves a tale filled with suspenseful twists. However, the inclusion of adult scenes steers it away from being a family-friendly watch. With a balance of strengths and weaknesses, "LSD" stands as a weekend thriller, offering an enthralling experience for individual viewers seeking a suspenseful escape.

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