Bigg Boss OTT 3: Deep neck top becomes a hot topic in the house

One of the latest hot topics on Bigg Boss OTT 3 has been a major controversy involving Vishal Pandey, Kritika Malik, and Armaan Malik. Some support Pandey in this while others root for Armaan’s reaction.

It all began when Vishal commented about Kritika to his friend Lovekesh in a coded language expressing his infatuation towards her. Later upon hearing that comment, Armaan slapped him initiating the most recent debate among fans.

In one episode recently, Kritika Malik let Chandrika Dixit know of this incident that has affected her choice for trendy wear in the house. Kritika said, “Tu ek bhai-behan, ek dost ke rishte ko kharab kar raha hai,” which means taking him away from pure bond of brother-sister or friendship.

Kritika added that she had chosen not to put on an outfit with low neckline saying, "Maine jhoot bola ke mujhe loose hai. Mujhe loose nahi tha, mujhe fit tha. Uska gala thoda yaha tak tha, toh mera mann hi nahi hua. Is ghar mein nahi pehan na hai woh kapde." (I lied that it was loose for me but it wasn’t. The neckline was deep so I decided not to wear it in this house).

In another episode wherein he admitted feeling guilty without revealing why to Lovekesh Kataria Vishal told him that he found Kritika Bhabhi beautiful under his breath when ignored by the former. While sitting at a garden proximity during one time Vishal referred to Armaan as “Bhagyashali Bhaiya” (luckiest brother) when commenting on how attractive Kritika was in front of Kataria.

During the Saturday and Sunday Nights Payal Malik, Armaan's first wife who had been previously evicted from the show, disclosed what Vishal said about Kritika. His use of the word “guilty” and his whispering to Lovekesh indicated otherwise as Payal explained.

The fans are divided on the issue as some defend Vishal’s action while others condemn them. This has sparked off a great debate and increased anticipation for forthcoming episodes of Bigg Boss OTT 3.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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