Fans rush for Unstoppables Prabhas episode pulls down Aha servers

30 December 2022

HYDERABAD: While the management of Aha approached the Delhi High Court fearing large-scale piracy of 'Unstoppable' episode featuring Prabhas, a large number of fans rushed to watch Balakrishna's talkshow with Prabhas, crashing the servers of OTT app for more than two hours.

The first part of the episode Prabhas was premiered on Aha on December 29, at 9 pm. Within minutes after the episode was uploaded on the streaming platform, the servers could not take load and crashed.

Aha finally put out a statement after nearly half an hour stating: "Your love is boundless darlingsss! Our app is offline but our love isn't. Give us just a little time while we fix it. We will be up and running in a jiffy!"

In another update, Aha twitted: "When 2 Telugu titans come together, expect the world to pause to take notice. #NandamuriBalakrishna #Prabhas make all our hearts race and the world stop. We are on the job to get them to you, working on making the app live again. Just a little longer!"

Another deleted tweet, whose screenshot has gone viral on Twitter, "Sorry to inform you that our app is crashed due to overload of love from darling #Prabhas fans. We are working on it and it will be restored shortly."

After working on severs for over two hours, Aha was back at 12.11 am. "We are back folks! Sincere apologies for the inconvenience. Watch NBK & Prabhas like never before, streaming now!"


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