Love to participate in a dance reality show: Aishwarya Sharma

Aishwarya Sharma evicted from the BB house 17 .She has been evicted by the Captain Isha Malviya this is the first time in the BB that a Captain is handed over the authority to evict a contestant on the basis of breaking the rules. However Isha chose to evict Aishwarya on the basis of their relationship. Which later on was contested by the housemates, Isha being biased, and they felt Aishwarya was not the right contestant to be evicted.

Did you expect to be evicted, how would you look at this development?

I never expected to be evicted. If it was an unfair decision, I couldn't have been evicted on the basis of breaking the rules. I had hardly broken rules in comparison to the ones listed with me. But kya's Isha's game.

Will you be missing Neil?

I will definitely be missing Neel. We have been together in the BB house. I don't know what he will do next. What will be his next move? While I was coming out I told him to focus on his game aur yeh bhi kaha---Jeet ke aana..Yes, I want Neel to win.

As a Couple you were supporting each other in the game, this shows you are a blessed soul mate?

Yes, it's a blessed couple. I really feel we are made for each other and are the right choice. I feel lucky I got Neel in my life. He is a very caring, sharing and a supportive husband. Whenever I felt low he was always there for me in this house. Many times I was just crying because of the mood swings. Thus he stood by me even at such trying times. He also extended his emotional support; it was an advantage to me.

Does the couple behave the same at home?

Yes, we are the same even at home. If we fight or love it's real. We cannot fake it.Even in the BB house, our fights and luvvy- duvvy moments were real, not fake at all .I was being really real. I can't question myself.

Do you feel Ankita cheated while you both were given the duties to check apples in the game?

I genuinely approved their [Team A] two apple boxes as given the task on which team has chosen. But as usual Ankita Lokhande cheated and discarded many of our apple boxes. The height of cheating by Ankita who was also assigned the task was very evident. She spoiled one of the apples from our box by inserting her nails into it and discarding the entire box. I think we lost because Ankita cheated.

Participating, competing or winning what is important to you?

Participating is important. But I wanted to come out as the winner from the BB house 17.Its sad ,I am out.

Elaborate your characteristics of yelling at everyone? Do you shut and behave in the same manner at home?

I do not really yell in this manner.. But if triggered, as I'm an impulsive woman this characteristic of mine came to forefront. It was evident in the show.

Any other characteristics Neil and you may have come to forefront while being in the BB house?

We both know each other's characteristics very well and also know our behavior so well. But yes, I was missing Neil's behavior towards me-He treats me in a very childlike and kid dish manner at home. Yes, later on he did curdle me and lent me his shoulders whenever I was feeling low.

What have you learned about yourself and Neil’s characteristics living in BB house?

I'm blessed I got Neil as my other half. He is a calm and composed individual. I feel he needs to be vocal a bit. His decent behavior doesn’t allow him to be vocal. Now he has started voicing his opinion. He never makes any strategies and understands the game. In that house someone else's matter becomes your matter which we don't do in real life. This is one thing I have learnt being in the house.

The female contestants were jealous. You were mostly nominated for your looks and dressing sense?

I can't say they were jealous. They must have been insecure about my journey. Maybe whatever they felt they may be saying.

Do you want Neil to win just for the prize money?

I don’t want Neil to win for the prize money but since he is in the house I just want him to win with flying colors as he is playing the game really and is not making any particular strategies as such.

Continuously, participating in two reality shows…KKK and BB which is the next reality show you would like to participate in?

Hmmm…. I would love to participate in a dance reality show next….Obviously; I would love my husband Neil to be my Partner.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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