BBT7: Ashwini and Rathika Evicted From Bigg Boss house

In a surprising turn of events, the Bigg Boss Telugu 7 house witnessed a double eviction, leaving contestants and viewers alike in shock. The latest episode, filled with suspense and emotional farewells, saw the departure of two contestants – Ashwini and Rathika Rose.

The eviction process was marked by tension and anticipation as the housemates gathered in the living area, awaiting the announcement of the names of those who would be bidding farewell to the Bigg Boss journey. The atmosphere in the house was thick with emotion, reflecting the bond that had developed among the contestants over the course of the season.

Ashwini, known for her vivacious personality and active participation in tasks, bid an emotional goodbye to her fellow contestants. The journey of ups and downs, laughter, and conflicts came to an end for Ashwini as she exited the Bigg Boss house, leaving behind memories that would be cherished by both housemates and viewers.

Rathika, too, faced the unexpected twist in the eviction process. Her presence in the house added a unique flavor to the dynamics, and her interactions with fellow contestants created memorable moments. As Rathika stepped out of the Bigg Boss house, the remaining contestants and the audience acknowledged the impact she had on the show.

The double eviction adds a new dimension to the competition, altering the dynamics within the house. The remaining contestants now face the challenge of adapting to the changes and filling the void left by Ashwini and Rathika.

The audience, who have been avidly following the twists and turns of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, took to social media to express their surprise and share their thoughts on the latest evictions. The unpredictability of the show continues to be a key element that keeps viewers hooked, eagerly awaiting each episode to see how the dynamics within the house unfold.

As Ashwini and Rathika embark on their post-Bigg Boss journeys, the housemates left behind are left to navigate the evolving dynamics and face new challenges that the reality show throws their way. With each eviction, the competition intensifies, and the remaining contestants must showcase their resilience, strategic prowess, and ability to adapt to stay in the running for the coveted title of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 winner.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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