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My Parents Helped Me Recognise My Multiple Talents: Sai Godbole

Deccan Chronicle.| Tulasi Putcha

Published on: July 22, 2023 | Updated on: July 22, 2023
I was always inclined towards Western things- English/Hollywood films, their songs and their way of speaking too.   DC  Image

I was always inclined towards Western things- English/Hollywood films, their songs and their way of speaking too. DC Image

-When did you become an influencer? How did your journey start?

I was always fascinated by the world of content creation but had never thought of pursuing it. My start into this world was one serendipitous accent video that was received with a lot of love. After two more such videos, I was officially in a content creation space in December 2022. So I’ve been in the world of content for merely eight months now.

-How could you identify that you were multi-faceted? In which area would you like to make a career?

I was always interested in Arts in general and singing, acting, and dancing in particular because I belong to a family of artists and these were the topics of discussion at home. I was into academics and sports with similar vigour and enthusiasm but my true passion was acting and singing and so I always wanted to make my career in this.

-Your video on 10 accents had clocked many views? How did you discover your talent for the same?

I was always inclined towards Western things- English/Hollywood films, their songs and their way of speaking too. I would sing Western music and I wanted to sound exactly like the artists from there so I would listen to them on a regular basis and pick up on the accents. To my good fortune, my parents are extremely fond of travelling, so I travelled and authenticated my accents during the journeys. For me, the true discovery was listening and my interest in it.

-You are an actor too, apart from being a singer, dancer and content creator. How do you manage to strike a balance between all these roles?

Initially, the idea of managing and balancing all of it together was quite overwhelming but I’m so thankful to my parents who always help me find the balance, and the people I work with who always respect my time and commitment. I am grateful for the wonderful people around me who help me strike a balance between various endeavours in my life.

-Tell us briefly about your daily activity.

The beauty of being an actor/singer/dancer/creator is that no day is the same, every day comes with a new challenge, a new excitement and a new sense of creation.

On a shoot day, it is eating right and shooting all day. On no-work days, it’s thinking about new ideas and on rest days, it’s actually resting my instruments- body, voice and mind.

-What is your focus area for videos?

I believe in everything should be made with love. My focus area for videos is that they should be entertaining and qualitative in their own way. I should have fun making them and they should be of quality.

-What is your goal in life?

To be the best version of myself with kindness in my heart and peace in my mind.

-You have been successful on social media and have been a part of some critically acclaimed films, if you have to choose one path for future, which one would you choose and why?

From how I’ve viewed the world, the true path to follow is the path of passion because it always takes you where you need to be. Also philosophically and spiritually, if we do what we love every day, paths that are meant for us carve themselves. I am just very grateful to social media and the world of entertainment (acting and music) for letting me go about the work that I’m passionate about and giving me the right kind of appreciation and validation.

-What was your inspiration behind the ‘Tere Hawale’ reel where you incorporated Arijit Singh's hit song titles? Did you anticipate its success?

I was having a creative block for quite some time and I was listening to ‘Tere Hawale’ on my terrace while taking a walk suddenly this idea came to my mind and I went home and started writing and in about 20 mins the lyrics were ready. I immediately recorded the vocals and the video at 1 AM and posted it the next day. While I was working on it, I was truly proud of it but I hadn’t anticipated so much love. I haven’t been able to fully process it even now but I’m so glad it turned out better than I had imagined which again validated my belief that life is always better than you can imagine it to be!

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