Amazon Prime Membership Rates Slashed, Check New Tariff

Title: Amazon Adjusts Prime Lite Membership Pricing and Benefits

Amazon Prime, a popular subscription service offering various perks to its members, has recently made adjustments to its Prime Lite membership, providing users with an altered pricing structure and revised benefits.

Originally launched at Rs 999 in June, the Prime Lite membership now comes with a reduced price tag of Rs 799, as indicated on Amazon's Prime support page. This notable Rs 200 reduction makes the plan more budget-friendly for users seeking a streamlined version of the regular Prime membership.

Despite the price adjustment, Amazon has maintained the pricing of other existing membership plans, including the 1-month plan for Rs 299, the 3-month plan for Rs 599, and the yearly plan for Rs 1,499.

In terms of benefits, some changes have been introduced to enhance the appeal of the Prime Lite membership. Notably, the plan previously offering free two-day delivery now includes a broader spectrum of delivery options, encompassing One-Day Delivery, Two-Day Delivery, Scheduled Delivery, and Same-Day Delivery.

However, some features have seen limitations compared to the regular Prime membership. Prime Music remains unavailable in the Lite plan, and Prime Video is now limited to HD quality. Additionally, the Lite membership supports only one device, down from the previous allowance of two devices.

Certain unchanged benefits include morning delivery at Rs 175 per item, No-cost EMI options, a 6-month free screen replacement, and more.

While the revised Prime Lite membership offers a more affordable alternative, it does come with trade-offs compared to the comprehensive benefits provided by the regular Prime subscription. Notably, the Lite plan lacks features such as one-day delivery, discounted morning delivery at Rs 50 per item, unlimited Prime Video device support, and 4K resolution support. These changes reflect Amazon's strategy to cater to varying user preferences and budget considerations within its Prime membership offerings.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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