Bigg Boss Telugu 7: This Star Contestant Losing Votes

The emotions inside the Bigg Boss house are getting stronger, and the contestants don't seem to face any consequences for their actions, ignoring the show's rules. Shivaji's words and actions are still grabbing everyone's attention, and the host, Nagarjuna, doesn't seem to be able to enforce any consequences for what happens. The show's rules are not being followed properly because of the growing fondness for Shivaji.

During Saturday's episode, Nagarjuna started by talking about what had happened the previous week. He told Shivaji that he didn't like a specific thing Shivaji said, asking why he called Amar "pichi poha."

Shivaji tried to explain that he didn't mean any harm. But Nagarjuna kept asking about the use of words like "Picchi Nayalla, Picchi Poha, Erri Poha" in the house, speaking seriously about it. Nagarjuna was worried that these words went against the rules of the Bigg Boss house. However, no warning or punishment was given, and the issue was left unresolved.

Nagarjuna changed the subject without dealing with the problem, leaving Shivaji's actions without any clear consequences. This made people wonder if the organizers and Nagarjuna understood the importance of the things said in the house.

The episode ended without showing any punishment for breaking the rules, letting Shivaji continue without a warning or penalty.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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