Keeda Cola OTT Release Date Confirmed

Noted Telugu director Tharun Bhascker's latest cinematic venture, "Keedaa Cola," created a stir in cinemas on November 3, 2023, with its release drawing a diverse range of reactions from audiences. Now, the film is poised to take its whimsical journey into the digital realm as it gears up for its digital debut on the popular streaming platform Aha.

Featuring the legendary comedian Brahmanandam alongside Chaitanya Rao and Rag Mayur in pivotal roles, "Keedaa Cola" promises a concoction of humor, drama, and entertainment that resonates with Tharun Bhascker's distinctive storytelling style.

For Aha subscribers, the excitement mounts as the streaming platform has officially announced that "Keedaa Cola" will be available for streaming starting December 29, 2023. What's even more thrilling is that Aha Gold subscribers will enjoy exclusive 24-hour early access to the film, offering them a head start on the quirky narrative crafted by Tharun Bhascker.

The film boasts a stellar ensemble cast, with Tharun Bhascker himself taking on a role alongside Jeevan Kumar, Raghu Ram, Ravindra Vijay, and others in prominent roles. Produced by VG Sainma and presented by the dynamic Rana Daggubati, "Keedaa Cola" brings together a mix of talent to create an engaging cinematic experience.

Adding another layer of charm to the film is the captivating musical score composed by Vivek Sagar, known for his ability to infuse soulful melodies into the narrative. As the digital debut date approaches, fans can anticipate an immersive viewing experience that combines Tharun Bhascker's directorial finesse with the talents of the ensemble cast.

"Keedaa Cola" is not just a film; it's an invitation to embark on a quirky ride filled with laughter, emotions, and unexpected twists. As Aha subscribers mark their calendars for December 29, 2023, the film's digital debut promises to be a delightful addition to the streaming platform's eclectic content lineup. Stay tuned for more OTT updates, as "Keedaa Cola" prepares to charm audiences in the digital space.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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