Pallavi Prashanth's marriage on cards?

The grand finale of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 season, aired on December 17 on the Star Maa channel, marked the coronation of Pallavi Prashanth as the winner. However, the triumphant moment for Prashanth was marred by unexpected turns of events, controversy, and mixed reactions from both fans and ex-housemates.

Pallavi Prashanth strategically outplayed his fellow contestant and mentor, Sivaji, securing the winner's title in the intense reality show. Surprisingly, Amardeep, whose voting surged significantly in the final week, ended up as the second runner-up. Prashanth's victory was accompanied by a handsome prize package, including Rs 35 Lakh in cash, a fully equipped Maruti Suzuki Brezza car, and a Diamond necklace worth Rs 15 Lakh as sponsor gifts.

Despite the joyous occasion, Prashanth's celebration was cut short by an unexpected turn of events. Upon exiting Annapurna Studios, he was unable to acknowledge the crowds that had gathered in support. His ex-housemates, including mentor Sivaji, expressed disappointment over his eviction as the top third finalist, adding a bittersweet undertone to the celebration.

The aftermath of Prashanth's victory witnessed disturbances and legal repercussions. Telangana Police in Hyderabad booked cases against Pallavi Prashanth and his fans for creating a public nuisance and engaging in threatening mob behavior. Incidents of vandalism included the breaking of windshields of cars belonging to fellow contestants Amardeep, Geethu, and Ashwini Sree, along with an attack on an RTC bus.

Amidst the controversy and legal issues, speculation arose about Pallavi Prashanth's personal life. Reports from Asianet news indicated that Prashanth's parents have decided on his impending marriage. If plans materialize, Prashanth is expected to tie the knot with a girl chosen by his parents. However, whether he opts for matrimony soon or channels his newfound popularity into furthering his career remains to be seen. As the buzz around his win settles, Pallavi Prashanth navigates both triumph and challenges in the aftermath of his Bigg Boss Telugu 7 victory.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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