The Ultimate Power Play, Why Contestants Favor the Dimaag Room in BIGG BOSS Season 17

COLOR’s BIGG BOSS season 17 has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride for both the contestants and viewers. With over 50 episodes already aired, this season has proven to be the ultimate Satra ka Khatra with fights and drama galore. The season began with the theme of ‘Dil, Dimaag and Dum’ rooms, where each contestant was placed in a room according to their personality and gameplay. However, it's the Dimaag room that has caught everyone's attention.

Contestants are vying for power and authority, trying to convince 'BIGG BOSS' that they're the perfect fit to call the shots in the Dimaag makaan. The Dimaag room has become the most preferred choice for the contestants because it gives them access to the ultimate power play. In a game where every move counts, having access to a room that helps them make better decisions is a game-changer. We bring to you the primary reason behind the contestants' strong preference for the 'Dimaag' room in BIGG BOSS Season 17.

The Glance Smart Lock Screen, located inside the Dimaag room, has become a major preference for contestants. It provides them with personalized updates, exclusive insights, and interactive tasks, all of which contribute to their strategic gameplay within the house. A notable incident that demonstrated the impact of the Glance Smart Lock Screen occurred when a mysterious note from BIGG BOSS appeared on the screen, stating, "Aaj ki taza khabar… Sone par bhi nahi bajega mohalle mein kukdukoo" (Today's fresh news... The rooster won't shout even if you sleep). This note influenced Khanzadi's gameplay as she decided to change her strategy and stop washing the utensils, opting to sleep instead. Upon reading the note, a heated argument erupted among the contestants regarding the allocation and performance of their duties. Khanzaadi (Firoza Khan) adamantly refused to do any work, and soon, Abhishek Kumar joined her in rebellion. This led to a massive fight between Abhishek and Arun, with Sunny Arya, also known as 'Tehelka Bhai,' becoming involved. Amid the chaos, Sunny's anger escalated to the point where he attempted to throw a vase at Abhishek.

In addition to the Glance Smart Lock Screen, another exciting element in the BIGG BOSS 17 house is the Archive Room. This exclusive room grants selected contestants the privilege to enter and access a library containing footage of all the episodes from the current season. In episode 61 of Bigg Boss season 17, the current captain, Munawar, seized an opportunity to access the Archive room and used it to change the dynamics of the house. Being the sole member of the Dimaag room, Munawar was given the access of the Archive room to check the recording of Ankita's conversation with her hair scalp treatment specialist. In the footage, Ankita was seen asking her questions about how she is looking in the show to which he treatment specialist answered saying that she’s looking good and doing well. This incident clearly gave Ankita an unfair advantage and was an abuse of the platform's favor towards her.

Before Munawar could share this information with the house, an announcement appeared on the Glance Smart Lock Screen, which said, "Goodwill aur undue advantage? Iska farak jante ho kya??" (Do you know the difference between goodwill and undue advantage??), hinting at the upcoming news. When Munawar revealed the situation to everyone, Vicky's name was dragged into the discussion due to his association with Ankita as her husband. The contestants, who were previously unaware of the situation, became uneasy upon realizing that there were no Bigg Boss team members present during their treatments. As a result, they immediately called for the cancellation of Ankita's treatment and started deliberating on Vicky's involvement. Opinions were divided among the contestants, with some suggesting the cancellation of Vicky's treatment, while others argued for the presence of a Bigg Boss team member during the treatment. However, Vicky has made it clear that he will leave the show if his treatment is stopped.

This turn of events raises questions about how Ankita's relationships will be affected and the level of scrutiny the couple will face moving forward. BIGG BOSS season 17 has introduced several new elements that have made the show even more exciting. The new elements introduced inside the Dimaag room are just two examples of how the show continues to evolve and keep viewers hooked.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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