Bigg Boss 7 Nears Finale with Intense Competition Among Top 6 Contestants

As Bigg Boss 7 approaches its concluding days, the highly anticipated finale is set to take place this weekend. The show is expected to feature Mahesh Babu as the chief guest, promoting his upcoming film, Guntur Kaaram.

The remaining contestants in the house include Priyanka, Yawar, Prashanth, Amar, Arjun, and Shivaji. Recent updates reveal a significant decline in Priyanka Jain's voting, while Arjun has surprisingly seen an improvement, securing a place in the top three.

The battle for the top position is becoming more intense, with Shivaji and Pallavi Prashanth emerging as strong contenders. The suspense builds as viewers eagerly await the grand finale to discover the ultimate winner of Bigg Boss 7. Stay tuned for more updates.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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