Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Contestants Struggle for Survival as Finale Nears

As Bigg Boss Telugu 7 inches closer to the finale, the dynamics inside the house are intensifying with only ten contestants remaining. The pressure is on for these housemates to secure their spot in the reality show's ultimate showdown. Yawar's impressive return, triumphing in three consecutive tasks for the Eviction-Free pass challenge, has heightened the stakes within the house.

With Sivaji holding the pivotal role of the season's final captain, the focus has shifted away from nominating him. However, barring him and Pallavi Prashanth, the remaining eight contestants face the threat of eviction this week. Yawar, Amardeep, Rathika, Ashwini, Priyana, Gautham, Arjun, and Shobha Shetty are in the nominations, with Gautham, Arjun, and Shobha currently at the bottom of the rankings.

Arjun's infrequent appearances in the nominations have affected his public support, causing him to lag behind in the race. Shobha Shetty, known for her controversial presence, has managed to sustain herself in the house despite facing eviction demands from the show's audience. Meanwhile, Rathika, Priyanka, and Ashwini, despite minimal contributions to the game show, have garnered notable voting percentages.

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( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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