Top 5 Viral Controversies of BIGG BOSS Season 17 Till Now

COLORS’ BIGG BOSS Season 17 has surpassed the 50-episode mark, and it has undoubtedly lived up to its reputation as a thrilling and intense season. Right from the beginning, this season has taken the viewers on a wild rollercoaster ride, featuring physical fights, love triangles, and catfights that have kept fans hooked. However, we must remind you that the contestants initially played the games in their own groups, and it all changed when BIGG BOSS displayed a note on the Glance Smart Lock Screen, stating "Jhund mein ghumne walo ki ab khone lagi hai INDIVIDUALITY" (Those who used to roam in a herd are now losing their individuality). This note triggered a shift in the game dynamics as contestants began strategizing and altering their game plans to play individually and win the trust of BIGG BOSS. This sudden change sparked a lot of drama amongst the contestants in BIGG BOSS Season 17, making it one of the most influential moments of the season.

Contestants were seen adapting their strategies based on the perceived biased behaviour of BIGG BOSS, or analysing what changes the public might want them to make, basis the notes displayed every night on the Glance Smart Lock Screen. Here’s looking at the top 5 talking points of the season till now:

Samarth’s entry changing the equation between Isha and Abhishek: The entry of Samarth, Isha's current boyfriend, turned the dynamics between Isha and Abhishek upside down. Despite their previous conflicts, Isha grew closer to Abhishek in the initial episodes. However, when Samarth unexpectedly entered the house as a wild card, a massive fight erupted between him and Abhishek. Samarth even attempted to throw a flowerpot at Abhishek. Despite all the drama, Isha initially denied Samarth as her boyfriend and supported Abhishek. It was only when Ankita confronted her that Isha finally accepted Samarth and since then, there’s a lot of drama that has happened, but Samarth and Isha are still together.

Vicky and Ankita’s turbulent relationship: This celebrity couple, which was very lovey-dovey in front of the media till date, has been seen engaging in frequent arguments throughout the season. In fact, after the note was displayed on the Glance smart lock screen, Vicky expressed his desire to establish his own identity rather than being solely known as Ankita Lokhande's husband. However, it appears that he is now using Ankita as a strategic part in his gameplay. Despite Ankita seeking emotional support from Vicky, he was observed holding hands with Sana in the lawn, displaying a dominating and suspicious demeanour.

Munawar Faruqui breaks down talking about witnessing his mother's suicide when he was 13: Munawar Faruqui, in a heart-breaking moment, opened about his mother committing suicide when he was just 13 years old. In a vulnerable conversation with fellow contestants - Aishwarya Sharma, Neil Bhatt, and Rinku Dhawan - the comedian shared the hardships he faced growing up, including his family's debt and the tragic loss of his mother.

Vicky’s mother being a typical ‘Sasuma’ on the show: Vicky Jain's mother stirred another controversy on the show by accusing Ankita Lokhande of instigating their arguments and physically assaulting Vicky. But what followed was unexpected! The actress’ mother-in-law was labelled as a typical ‘Sasuma’ by online users as she placed the blame on Ankita. The netizens also felt that Vicky's mother showed disrespect towards Ankita's mother and behaved rudely towards Ankita as well.

Tehelka aka Sunny Arya being thrown out of BIGG BOSS Season 17: Tehelka, also known as Sunny Arya, was expelled from the BIGG BOSS Season 17 house due to his physical altercation with Abhishek. Despite multiple warnings from BIGG BOSS, Tehelka continued his aggressive behaviour, leading to the makers to take the decision to remove him from the house.

While the controversies and altercations grabbed everyone’s maximum attention, BIGG BOSS continues to capture headlines with its unique blend of entertainment and drama daily. It will be interesting to see how the notes on Glance Smart Lock Screen every day will change the show dynamic over the next few weeks.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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