Netflix Removed This Film After Uproar Over Hurting Religious Sentiments

\"Annapoorani\" held the top position in Netflix's internal ranking system

The release of Nayanthara's latest movie, "Annapoorani," on Netflix has triggered a political controversy, resulting in the streaming platform's decision to remove the film globally. The movie faces allegations of hurting the religious sentiments of the Hindu community, leading to online campaigns calling for its ban. In response to the political pressure, Netflix removed "Annapoorani" without prior notice.

While the film is no longer available on Netflix, international audiences can still watch it on Simply South, a streaming service. However, this option is not accessible for viewers in India. It is presumed that Simply South continues to offer the unedited version of "Annapoorani," including the scenes and dialogues that stirred controversy.

As of Wednesday, "Annapoorani" held the top position in Netflix's internal ranking system, reflecting its popularity among subscribers. However, on Thursday, the film disappeared from Netflix's catalog, sparking discussions and speculations.

Zee Studios, one of the producers of "Annapoorani," has indicated that the film will return to Netflix after undergoing edits to remove controversial parts. The producers issued an unconditional apology, emphasizing that they had no intention of hurting the religious sentiments of the Hindu and Brahmin communities.

The controversy revolves around the storyline of "Annapoorani," depicting a girl from a conservative Brahmin family aspiring to become a world-famous chef. The religious beliefs of her family create obstacles, as they object to her cooking and tasting meat. Despite the challenges, the protagonist pursues her dream, eats meat, and falls in love with a Muslim man. Certain scenes, including one where Lord Rama is referred to as a meat eater, and the climax showing the protagonist performing namaz before cooking biryani, have sparked objections from some audiences.

It is anticipated that when Netflix reinstates "Annapoorani," the new version will undergo significant alterations from the original, addressing the contentious elements that led to its removal.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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