And the winner of Master Chef India Season 8 is ....

In a thrilling culmination to MasterChef India Season 8, Mohammed Aashiq from Mangalore claimed the coveted title, showcasing his culinary prowess. The finale episode, streamed on SonyLiv, revealed Nambie Jessica Marak and Rukhsaar Sayeed as the first and second runners-up, respectively.

Expressing delight at the winner, judge Ranveer Brar congratulated Mohammed Aashiq on Instagram, praising his daring spirit and journey from inspiration to triumph. Pooja Dhingra, another judge, extended her congratulations, emphasizing the six-week-long challenging journey the contestants faced.

Vikas Khanna, also a judge on the show, acknowledged Aashiq's resilience and hard work, stating, "After not being selected in the last season, he worked harder, kept learning, and preparing for the next opportunity. Hats off to you." Khanna declared Mohammed Aashiq as the winner of MasterChef India Season 8.

Mohammed Aashiq, in his statement after securing the winning trophy, expressed immense gratitude for his MasterChef India journey. He reflected on facing elimination, holding the trophy, and the profound lessons learned throughout the experience. Aashiq dedicated his victory to dreamers defying odds to chase aspirations.

Acknowledging the tough comeback after narrowly missing out in the last season, Aashiq devoted himself entirely to the culinary craft, resulting in a surreal victory. He credited the judges, fellow contestants, the audience, and renowned chefs for pushing him to enhance his cooking skills. The winner emphasized the significant growth and remarkable shift in his culinary abilities during the incredible boot camp experience.

Mohammed Aashiq's triumph serves as inspiration for aspiring chefs, reinforcing the idea that determination and dedication can lead to the realization of culinary dreams. The MasterChef India Season 8 winner expressed gratitude for the transformative journey and the support received, signifying a new chapter in his culinary career.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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