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Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Nominated Contestants in First Week

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Published on: September 5, 2023 | Updated on: September 5, 2023
Bigg Boss 7 Telugu is streaming on Disney + Hotstar.

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu is streaming on Disney + Hotstar.

The first episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, hosted by Nagarjuna, started with some interesting moments.

The show began with Naveen Polishetty entering the Bigg Boss house and asking the male contestants to choose their lady luck among the female contestants. Later, Rathika Rose made persistent efforts to persuade someone to create a dispute between any two of the contestants.

Although she approached Pallavi Prasanth and Sobha Shetty, they did not agree. Finally, Tasty Teja stepped in and created differences between Prince Yawar and Gautham Krishna.

Following this, Bigg Boss initiated the nominations process. Shivaji was called in, and he nominated Gautham Krishna and Damini, citing Gautham's financial stability and promising prospects in the industry. He also mentioned that Damini, being a popular singer, had the potential to survive in the competition.

Next, Priyanka was called upon to nominate, and she nominated Prasanth and Rathika. Talking about the reasons, she said that they had presented themselves as farmer's children. She also added that she hasn't formed a close connection with them, despite her attempts to engage with them.

A heated discussion ensued between Pallavi Prasanth, Rathika Rose, and Priyanka regarding nomination. However, in the end, Priyanka apologized, and Rathika extended a hug to Priyanka, bringing an end to the argument.

All in all, the first episode had drama and excitement, setting the stage for an exciting season.

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