Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Three Strong Contenders Emerge as Finale Approaches

As the seventh season of Bigg Boss Telugu approaches its conclusion, the excitement surrounding the potential winner intensifies. Unlike previous seasons where predicting the winner was relatively straightforward at this stage, the current season proves to be unpredictable, shrouding the ultimate champion in uncertainty.

With just two weeks remaining and excluding Arjun Ambati, who secured a spot in the finale, all contestants face nominations. The voting trend suggests a potential danger zone for Prince Yawar, Shobha Shetty, and Priyanka Jain, while Amardeep Chaudhary, Pallavi Prashanth, and Shivaji are gaining substantial votes, securing spots in the finale week.

The winner race is anticipated to be among these three contestants, each with distinctive trajectories in the competition. Amardeep's recent surge in popularity contrasts with Pallavi Prashanth and Shivaji's consistent vote support. Although initial expectations favored Shivaji, recent developments in voting percentages indicate a shift, favoring Pallavi Prashanth during the 13th-week nominations.

Amardeep Chaudhary holds a strategic advantage with a combined fan base for Shivaji and Pallavi Prashanth, potentially splitting their votes. Pallavi Prashanth, recognized for his relatable image, has garnered public support through diligent gameplay.

Shivaji, benefiting from his established reputation and perceived maturity, stands out among the contestants. Barring unforeseen developments, one of these three individuals is expected to emerge as the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 7. However, as the days unfold, the dynamics may change, adding an element of unpredictability to the question of who will secure the title.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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