Orry's Unfiltered Insights on Fame, Fashion, and Family Drama

Silence is my old friend, old because we’re not friends anymore. I have moved on, quiet and I do not go hand in hand

He topped the Google search after all the top Bollywood celebrities dropped his name on a popular chat show. Deccan Chronicle managed to get hold of this internet sensation to get some inside details straight from the horse's mouth.

Welcome to the wild and glamorous world of Orry, where fame, fashion, and a touch of controversy collide to create a whirlwind of entertainment!

How did Brand Orry concept originate. How did the idea come about?

Orry is the ultimate #MakeInIndia brand — it was invented by India, for India and to the people of India. I painstakingly scrolled through all the comments and DMs that I received on my Instagram and surmised that it's only fair to give India what it wants in 2024. ie: Me. You are welcome.

You said you had to kill one of the minions as she was getting more relevant, what if the same thing happens with your doppelganger? What if he made a wrong move?

Axe him. Kill him. Terminate that contract. I want loyalty. I don’t want anyone in my team crossing me. I am not ok with it. I run a tight ship. I will forgive you, but you will be dead to me in the Orry World of things. I’m not here investing in you, emotionally, financially and my time is an investment too, for you to cross me. I am not Jesus. I will host a last supper announcing that someone is betraying me, but that’s gonna be their last supper not mine.

You make heads turn wherever you go with your fashion and talk, what if you are attending a quiet party. Can you survive a quiet place with no talk?

Silence is my old friend, old because we’re not friends anymore. I have moved on, quiet and I do not go hand in hand. Can we? Sure, but preferably not. It would be like forcing me to hang out with a friend from kindergarten. Someone who holds a strong place in your life. But it’s awkward to talk to now, just not on the same wavelength. It would be awkward.

You said you read all the messages. Do you even respond or have you found any good advice/ideas from any?

I respond to many. Not all, but many. Yes of course, it’s my DMs and comment section that actually helps me the most in my direction.

Suppose you applied for an Orry position and are asked ‘I’ll give you 30 seconds to make me famous.’ What would be your idea?

My idea would be to push ORRY right out the window there and then during the interview. Immediate fame, media attention, press, cameras, photographers, nothing gathers attention more than a high profile murder.

And I’m sure if ORRY survives, he would appreciate the bold move and hire me right away.

Do you think a lot of what's happening today would become irrelevant if social media didn't exist. For example, years back when people asked me who cooks at home, I would say I am the cooker. But there was no social media to pay attention like it happened with liver.

Obviously. Social media is the biggest platform today. So obviously, things would be irrelevant without it. That’s a silly question. It’s like asking an actor “Would you be irrelevant if movies didn’t exist". Like am not a TV star or a movie star, I am a social media star.

What's your worst fear?

The inevitable i.e witnessing and experiencing my own decay i.e aging.

Have you had a fallout with any of the celebs who was once your good friend. Why did that happen?

Yes, cause she’s a bitch.

What does your family say about your Orry status. Are they happy, sad, disappointed?

They’re over it. They moved on. They’re like family we don’t have to deal with this clown, let the world have him.

You are already famous yet you hang around with celebrities. Is there a fear that you won't be noticed. Why not hang around with commoners?

I hang out with literally everyone. I don’t think anyone will say Orry only hangs out with celebrities because that’s factually incorrect. People just notice celebs more so they think that. But I am friends with anyone and everyone who manage to strike a chord with me. I go for every party or event I am invited to, I would literally show up for the opening of an envelope.

If not this, what was your alternate career plan?

Aeronautical engineer.

What's a typical day like in the life of Orry?

24 hours in Orry world

8pm lollapaoooza appearance

9pm Halsey concert

10pm Jonas brother concert

11pm held hostage in lolapalooza

12am costume change

12:30/1 Natasha Poonawala Jonas brother after party

4:30am am home

4:45-5:45am dress rehearsal

6:30am SLEEP

8am rise and shine

9am leave for film city

10am eta film city

11 am costume trial

12noon hmu

1pm call time for Bigg Boss

2:30 sharp in the car otw to the airport

3:30 pm taking off for Gujarat Film City

5:30 hotel check in

6:30 pm costume disaster

7pm HMu

8pm otw to Filmfare while tailor dada is sticking my outfit in car

24 hours are over… but 8:30pm- 1am watching & performing at Filmfare.

We always see you having fun. What is a bad day like for you?

I recently had a bad day, it was terrifying. In Orry world, bad days don’t actually exist. It’s an unrelatable experience, almost like something has gone very wrong in the settings, and I wanted to speak to the manager. But it was a bad day, and I was absolutely ORRIFIED by the major glitch in the matrix.

One last question, If you were to describe yourself in one line, what would that be?

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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