Oka Manchi Ghost is a ridiculous horror story

Cast: Vennela Kishore, Nandita Swetha, Naveen Nani, Shakalaka Shankar, Nagineedu, and others

Direction: Shankar Marthand

Rating: 1/5 stars

Despite having all the tropes of a horror flick like haunted bungalow, screaming ghosts and terrified people, yet a pathetic story of four people kidnapping a girl who turns out to be possessed, dents the chances of the film as it fails to scare the audience. Director Shankar Marthand wrongly believed that he could score a winner by blending eerie moments with comedy but he fails on both counts. Despite having two ghosts, he couldn't provide the thrills since he has copied from many movies and gives deja vu feeling as awful looking ghosts yelling, flying and throwing up things and stuff. Coming to his comedy aspect, he relies on trash jokes like farts breaking glasses, urine splintered on ghosts and over-the-top reactions of characters while watching ghosts, goes overboard and turns into a crap. He heavily banks on Vennela Kishore and Shakala Shankar trying to seduce two ghosts to sustain audience interest,but it is a big folly and leaves the audience in despair.

In fact, it could go down as one of the worst horror flicks in recent times. Yet again, pretty Nandita Swetha plays a ghost and tries to scare five people who kidnapped her but in vain. While popular comedian Vennela Kishore, who plays a magician but fears ghosts evokes a few laughs.

The film begins with two people kidnapping a school girl and arriving at an isolated mansion. The word of kidnap triggers a ghost within the premises and both are killed. After many years, four people including Shakala Shankar, Rajat Raghav, Naveen Neni kidnap the daughter(Nandita Swetha) of a politician (Naganeedu) and take her to this haunted bungalow. They seek ransom amount, but are shocked to find that Nandita Swetha is not a normal girl and they also have to encounter another ghost already existing in the bungalow? Will they succeed in their mission?

Among all, Vennela Kishore and Nandita Swetha and Shakalaka Shankar are most popular and try to salvage their poorly etched roles. While Vennnela Kishore cracks a few jokes, yet he also utters silly jokes and fails miserably. Nandita has nothing much to do except to scream and look awful, so her performance goes wasted. Shakalaka Shankar plays a ghost buster and ends up terrifying the audience with his silly performance, then ghosts in the movie.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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