Nee Dhaarey Nee Katha Review, Rating

While big stars are taking their time to make an appearance on the silver screen, medium budget filmmakers are using the opportunity to put forth their content. Hence there are several small movies hitting the screens of late. While a few leave a mark, the others vanish without a trace. Nee Dhaarey Nee Katha, another Telugu movie, is the latest one to join the list. Will the movie appeal to movie buffs? Let's find out.

Movie crew
Actors: Suresh, Priyatam Manthini, Vijaya Vikrant, Anantha Padmashala, Anjana Balaji, Ved.
Banner : JV Productions
Producers: Vamsi Jonnalagadda, Tejesh Veera, Shailaja Jonnalagadda
Music: Alberto Gurioli
Director: Vamsi Jonnalagadda

"Nee Dhaarey Nee Katha" is a musical film showcasing the journey of budding composer Arjun, played by Priyatham Maanthini.
Unlike many musical movies centered around bands, this film revolves about orchestras, offering a fresh perspective to Telugu audiences.
Arjun aspires to become a music composer and enters a music competition. Throughout the competition, he navigates various challenges involving friends, family, and his orchestra. The movie's open ending invites viewers to interpret the story in their own way.
The film also beautifully explores the father-son relationship between Suresh and Arjun. Suresh, who portrays a supportive father, encourages Arjun to pursue his passion for music unlike the typical parental pressure regarding career choices.
This dynamic is highlighted in a conversation where Suresh's friend expresses regret over not following his own dreams, despite his wealth and success.
Performances : Suresh puts up a good show as a supportive father while newbie Priyatam pulls off a decent performance.
Technical dept: Vamsi Jonnalagadda has picked the emotional subject of family drama, but blends today's youth's challenges in pursuing career aspirations. The BGM elevates scenes and is noteworthy, this being a musical.
Over two hours duration, the movie promotes the message of pursuing one's passions, especially in career choices. While it offers some humorous moments and focuses heavily on the orchestra, it may not appeal to everyone due to its message-oriented approach and lag in certain places.
Rating: 2.75/5.
( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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