Sukhwinder Singh Live Concert in Hyderabad: Check Date, Venue, Time

Embarking on the 13th lap of its journey, Shreyas Group is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking leap into the live and experiential events segment with the grand launch of Shreyas Live. In an exciting partnership with Biz-Bash Entertainment, Shreyas Group brings 13 years of core experience in the media and entertainment industry to redefine the standards of experiential events.

Shreyas Live pledges to unleash creativity, infuse energy, and elevate the essence of live entertainment.

Under the banner of Shreyas Live, we embark on a journey to captivate audiences across all major cities in India, With plans to host 50 events per city in 2024, alongside world tours with top artists and major music festivals, Shreyas Live aims to bring unparalleled entertainment to every corner of the nation.

On 24th March, Hyderabad will be immersed in the enchanting ambiance of Holi at Rancho de Caballos, Aziz Nagar, Hyderabad. Experience the electrifying performance of the legendary Sukhwinder Singh, promising an evening filled with mesmerising melodies and vibrant celebrations that will leave you spellbound.

Tickets for the show can be availed on bookmyshow

( Source : Press Release )
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