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Tantalising tenets: Master musings

Published Jul 30, 2016, 12:35 am IST
Updated Jul 30, 2016, 12:41 am IST
Grammy award-winning South African flautist, Wouter Kellerman, who stopped by Indigo Live Music Bar on his visit to the city.
Wouter Kellerman
 Wouter Kellerman

Grammy award-winning South African flautist, producer and composer, Wouter Kellerman, who stopped by Indigo Live Music Bar on his visit to the city, takes our rapid fire round.

One thing that you think people completely misunderstand about world music, jazz and roots music?  
That people think that it’s not accessible and they don’t give it a chance.


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve used your flute for?
Haven’t used my flute as a tool to do anything weird…. maybe for meditation.

One unusual place where ideas for songs/compositions come to you?
While sleeping or while I am jogging.

The song that is playing on your iPod on loop right now?
Norah Jones’ Come away with me.

Recognise one blown-out-of-proportion piece of news in the music industry today and comment on it.
I read something about Taylor Swift being mentioned in a Kanye West song. It’s sad that the music industry needs the drama to keep the interests of the fans — that’s sort of sad. You would hope people will focus on the music instead of the drama.


If you could bring one dead musician back to life, who would it be?
Mariam Makeva.

If there’s one musician from India that you would collaborate with, who it be? What do you hope to do?
I did a collaboration with Mahesh Vinayakram — we did a Rajasthani international folk festival. I would love to collaborate with him again.

Where is your Grammy Award sitting at the moment?
It’s still in the box in my cupboard. I was going to make a special space for it, but I have been extremely busy since the time we have won, so I just haven’t had the moment to even make some space so I can show it to everybody.


If not for a musician, your alternate career?  
I am also an electronic engineer. I studied engineering at university and enjoyed it, so that, I suppose, is my alternate. I am qualified and I did work; I had my own company as an engineer but my passion is music.

One word that best describes Bengaluru audiences and musicians.
— As told to Sneha K Sukumar