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Tantalising Tenets: ‘Not a Tinder type of guy’

Published Sep 29, 2018, 12:48 am IST
Updated Sep 29, 2018, 12:48 am IST
Bassist Kevin Vineeth Kumar was subjected to a set of droll questions, and this is how the city musician fared...
Kevin Vineeth Kumar
 Kevin Vineeth Kumar

1) If not for music, what would you be doing?
I actually wanted to be a full time athlete, but my parents had other plans. They figured studying would be a better alternative. 

2) Old school dating or tinder? What’s your style of dating?
Old school dating any day. Not a tinder type of guy at all. 


3) Describe your profession in just 3 words
Challenging, appreciated and respected! 

4) If you had superpowers for about half an hour, what would you do and why?
I would make good roads everywhere, make Bellandur lake froth-less and bring back the greenery in Bengaluru. Loved the days where we were once known to be the Garden City of India. 

5) A guilty pleasure 
Startling my dog!!  I promise I don’t do it often.

6) A Murphy’s law that always works...
Driving in Bengaluru traffic to be on time for a meeting. 

7) Biggest pet peeves?
 When people eat chapati like as if  they are chewing gum! Just wanna put a large piece of tape across their mouth.

8) An instance of a date gone horribly wrong
On our way to a dinner date, we took  a quick detour to Cubbon Park since she wanted visit a park in Bengaluru that was famous, but I ended up losing my bike key and just couldn’t find it. Had to scrap our date and figure a way out of our situation. 

9) A compliment which you never understood
They used to call me Kili which I think means parrot. I didn’t understand for a long time why they called me that. But I think it had something to do with my style of playing basketball.!! 

10) A million bucks or true love?
True love any day!!