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Melody Matters: Aanchal Shrivastav a finalist at Indian Idol

Published Mar 29, 2016, 12:54 am IST
Updated Mar 29, 2016, 12:54 am IST
Aanchal Shrivastav is currently looking forward to the response to her work in the upcoming film Love Games.
Aanchal Shrivastav
 Aanchal Shrivastav

Aanchal Shrivastav first came under the spotlight when she became a finalist at Indian Idol. A trained classical singer from Madhya Pradesh, she is currently looking forward to the response to her work in the upcoming film Love Games. In a rapid fire, she reveals more about her musical choices:

The song loop on my iPod: Baaki Baatein Peene Baad


Five songs on the ‘soundtrack’ of my life:
The Anthem Part 2 by Blink 182
How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox Twenty
Dhoom (from the film Dhoom)
Shake It Off by Taylor Swift
Lose Yourself by Eminem.
These five songs best describe my life because I’ve gone ‘by the book’ and I’ve been rebellious, but I’ve also cherished everything I have been given.

What I listen to when I’m happy and upbeat:  Thunderstruck by ACDC
I’m really low: The Climb by Miley Cyrus
I’m working out: Any upbeat Bollywood dance song


Music I loved as a teenager but am now embarrassed by:
None! Luckily, I was into punk like Good Charlotte, Green Day, Breaking Benjamin, etc. But I was also kind of obsessed with Barbie Girl back in the day. Not because I liked the song but because it was constantly playing in my head

My favourite time/way to listen to music:
When I travel. I love listening to music when I’m in the car on long drives.

If I could have one band/ musician perform a private concert for me, it would have to be:
The Beatles or The Rolling Stones

And the one live act I would love to see at least once in my life:
Imagine Dragons.