Tuning in to stardom: Digital platform to help budding musicians

Shashi Preetam's new digital platform will help budding musicians.

Two best friends — psychology students — plan to give each other presents on Valentine’s Day. One gave her friend a gift and in return, she decided to write her a song. That’s how Aishwarya Krishna Priya wrote a song for Ahana.

Says Aishwarya, “My friends have been like my pillars of light in moments of darkness. The video song Psyche to my Logos is about the different aspects of friendship, love for psychology and encompasses fictional characters of television, comics and movies that are dear to me and Ahana.”

And who better to help Aishwarya transform the lyrics into a music video than her father — well-known music director Shashi Preetam. “We have recently launched a digital platform ‘M Files’ which would cater to production of music videos of budding talents. This concept is to invite an audience to watch a bunch of music videos. In this way, we are able to give exposure to many youngsters who can showcase their talent of singing, lyrics writing, videography, composing and even acting. We are providing the necessary infrastructure and guidance for all of this,” Shashi says.

Upcoming singer Prathyusha Sharma agrees. “There is a great need to get on to the digital platform and for me, such projects are a dream come true. We are specifically focusing on the genres of Telugu Rock Pop and fusion music as it offers a very good scope for hidden talents to emerge professionally.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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