Aditya Narayan's second innings

Aditya Narayan talks about success and failure, starting early in life and finding love, in a freewheeling chat.

Thirty-year-old Aditya Narayan has gained ample of practical experience since he started performing as a singer and an actor at a young age. Today, Aditya, who was on the stage when he was merely four years old, has gained enormous worldly vision as well.

Offering an overview of his initial years, Aditya says: “My journey has been enriching. I started singing while I was very young. I also sang and acted as child artist when I was just four. I have been passionate about music from my childhood days. I can just say that music is my first love. As a host I did get loads of love from my fans.

“However, at the early age of 20, I also tasted both success and failure. This was a time when I really learned from my failure. Initially, when I started getting work, I was like ‘working hard, being passionate and doing your job to utter perfection is all you need to be successful’. I was indeed confident that there would be no looking back for me. But just contrary to my gut feeling, I was soon out of work.”

Rising like the phoenix
Elaborating on his difficult times, Aditya further says, “I always wanted to pursue acting as my career. I made my debut with Shaapit (which failed to perform at the box office). At that time, hosting and singing and acting came to a standstill. It is very essential to taste failure in life. When I recollect those days, I cannot forget the bitter experience — even the B and C grade public relation officers refused to pick up my calls. I then decided to settle abroad and educate myself more on the music and acting front.”

After I returned to India, I was lucky to get the opportunity to host a reality show. I also tried my hand as an assistant to Sanjay Leela Bhansali in Ram Leela. Later, he gave me songs like Tattad Tatad, which became big hits. I feel God has bestowed upon me this second chance. Otherwise I would not have known the value of being serious professionally. Now, I am very secure and I know how to go ahead in life. I must say learning practical lessons in real life makes one wise enough to deal with the world. I have indeed gained worldly vision at an early age. I am just 30 and I have never been dependent on dad.”

The talented singer quips, “However, during my failure phase my parents came to my rescue. I appreciate them for their support. They allowed me to follow my heart. If it was not for their support, I would never be shinning in this second innings as well.

The mischievous Aditya
After meeting the calm Aditya today, it is hard to believe that he could have been naughty as a child. “I was so young when I first was bestowed upon a chance to sing for Rangeela. I remember dad was very nervous and serious as well. I, being a kid, did not realise the importance of being professional. I was not lending my ears to whatever my dad was explaining to me. So he smacked me and told me to pay attention,” he recalls.

But Aditya says that nobody ever suffered at his cost. “Yes! My mother has been able to keep the family close. She has sacrificed a lot. Dad has also worked hard. He has made a name after a huge struggle which is indeed very difficult to get. I was naughty and admant but I have never harmed anyone with my naughtiness. In fact, dad got angry and thrashed me once or twice. I remember when I was playing with a ball and the ball slipped under a running car, I, like a fool, was trying to go under the car not knowing the consequences. Dad pulled me out and in a fit of rage he slapped me left, right and centre. That was his love,” shares the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs host.

A lot like love
So what about this handsome man’s love life? Aditya blushes and says, “Truly speaking, I have had my share of romance in life. At present I am close to a girl and I admire her, also love her from the bottom of my heart. Surely, if I consider getting married now — when professionally I am doing well — I will have to give my work a miss. So I am in doldrums whether I should get married or not. Marriage will happen maybe within two years’ time if all goes well.”

Even though Aditya is in a fix, he knows what to do. “Presently, I’m unable to give her time. I am of the opinion if you cannot give time to something, you need to take a firm decision. At present, professionally, I am getting work and thus I need to concentrate. Whether I will get married to the same girl or not… I will see. Only time will tell. When you are unable to take an apt decision, leave it to God,” says a sagacious Aditya.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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