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Published Jul 26, 2016, 12:00 am IST
Updated Jul 26, 2016, 12:48 am IST
Grammy Award-nominated Ghanian singer and songwriter, Rocky Dawuni stopped by Indigo Live Music Bar on his visit to the city.
Rocky Dawuni
 Rocky Dawuni

1 One unusual place where ideas for songs/compositions come to you?
A:  It usually comes to me when I am jogging.

2 If there’s one thing that you think is the most misunderstood thing about reggae as a genre today, what would it be?  
A: That every reggae musician smokes.


3 The one song that is playing on your iPod on loop right now?
A: My track, African Thriller.

4 Recognise one blown-out-of-proportion piece of news in the music industry today and comment on it.
A: US elections! My comments are that, you know, regardless of what it is, the whole world determines their own destiny – with or without USA.

5 What is that one cause that you feel passionately about as an activist? How do you hope to make a difference to it through your music?
A: Woman empowerment. Because, I feel that our mothers and our sisters form the foundation of our cultures. If we elevate them, we elevate our hope on it!


6 If you could bring one dead musician back to life, who would it be? –
A: Bob Marley.

7 If there's one musician from India that you would collaborate with, who it be? What do you hope to do?
A: Ricky Kej! He is my favorite and the collaboration has been done!

8 Your music seems to have been featured a lot on football games. What's your connect with soccer?
A: When it comes to Ghana and Africa, we are very passionate about soccer. So, it was a natural thing for my music to be featured at World Cups. It’s been a favorite of the EA video games too – the soccer versions. Also, I play soccer all the time! So, it’s a good connection between my style of music and soccer.


9 If not for a singer, what would you have picked for your alternate career?
A: A conscious politician and a humanitarian.

10 One word that best describes Bengaluru audiences and musicians
A: Talented.

— As told to Sneha K Sukumar