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Badshah: If Right, Would Love to Work in Tollywood, Next Album to Be Biggest

Deccan Chronicle.| Rachel Dammala

Published on: June 24, 2023 | Updated on: June 24, 2023
Badshah said that he will be releasing a a new album, Badworld,' soon. (File Image: Facebook)

Badshah said that he will be releasing a a new album, Badworld,' soon. (File Image: Facebook)

Hyderabad: High-energy musical performances, exciting visuals and popular playlists were in store for fans of Badshah, the renowned rapper, who performed at the ‘Ride With Badshah’ concert at Boulder Hills on Saturday.

In an exclusive interview with Deccan Chronicle before his performance, Badshah said: "I have been striving to bring something new and have been working on this new show for over six months. There might also be a few surprises in store, but I'd prefer fans to experience them firsthand."

Speaking while travelling to his rehearsal, he said that Hyderabad was special to him. "The people of Hyderabad know how to party and my concerts are always one big party. They have always shown immense support and enthusiasm during my previous gigs. The vibrant culture, the delicious food, and the unique vibe of Hyderabad make it a standout city for me. The crowd is known to be electric, and their energy has always been infectious and in sync with mine," he said.

He added that Hyderabadis have extremely diverse tastes in music, and appreciate various genres. "I believe they enjoy high-energy and catchy tracks that they can groove and vibe to. I'm excited to perform all my popular tracks," he said.

He also said that he will be releasing a a new album, ‘Badworld,’ soon.

Asked about possible international collaborations, he said, "My next is going to be my biggest album to date. As for international collaborations, I'm always open to exploring new creative opportunities. While I can't reveal any specifics, fans can expect some exciting surprises."

He said he would be happy to work with talented artistes from Tollywood, if the right opportunity came along.

On how fans can help budding independent musicians, he said, "Fans are the most crucial factor in an independent artist’s career. All they have to do is follow the artist, share the music and talk about them. Every little bit matters, even if it’s non-monetary. This is how the biggest of the artistes have reached where they are."

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