Beyond reality: Hyderabad musician produces 360 degree music video

Hyderabad's musician Aditya Jella brings out India's first 360 degree music video.

Making use of virtual reality videos (also called immersive videos) and bringing in for the very first time to India a 360 degree music video is Aditya Jella’s Raa Raa.

Thanks to virtual reality, the viewers see the video from a panoramic perspective, allowing them the liberty to rotate their smart phones in any direction or angle to view the content.

“The possibilities with virtual reality videos are limitless,” says Aditya, adding that as a filmmaker, it becomes very interesting as it opens up the possibility of creating a story in 360o and also allows the option of playing around with other finer aspects of filmmaking like sound design.

“Also, with virtual reality, everything is real. Unlike in the conventional one camera shot, everything is real even for the actors as there is no crew behind the camera.”

He set up six cameras (of the same make to maintain the same toning) at six different angles, all looking into different directions.

On the editing suite, he put together all the footage for the panoramic view. “The main work lies in post production as you explore the entire 360 degree space,” he says.

Virtual reality is going to revolutionise mainstream filmmaking in the next few years, he says, adding, “So many people are turning to virtual reality. The guy who made the Bourne series is now making a six series virtual reality show.”

Aditya is planning to make a virtual reality Web series as well. The first such omni directional video was shot way back in 1955 for Walt Disney’s America the Beautiful and ran in Disney Circle-Vision 360 film theatres.

More recently, Shah Rukh Khan used this technique to present the making of a song from his latest release Dilwale.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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