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Tantalising TENets: Getting the party started!

Published Apr 21, 2018, 3:03 am IST
Updated Apr 21, 2018, 3:03 am IST
City-based DJ Rohan Kapoor, a frequent performer at Sunburn, gets candid in this quick fire.
DJ Rohan Kapoor
 DJ Rohan Kapoor

1) If not for music, what would you be doing now?
That’s tough but if not for music, I’d be behind the lens, producing ads for television. That’s what I studied anyway.

2) How was your experience at Sunburn?
Sunburn has always been great. It’s always a new experience. The energy and vibe is something every artist dreams of. It is surreal.


3) Biggest pet peeve?
Negativity. We should learn from the West because if they see talent and hard work, they lift each other up but this is lacking in India.

4) Your favourite place to perform in?
As of this year, I think a standout for me was the campus gig I did at Guwahati.

5) What is your inspiration to make music?
Music. I’ve grown up on music and it has given me everything, so I think listening to good music, old and new, inspires me every day.

6) If you had a chance to have a conversation with any historical figure, who would it be and why?
I think it would either be Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi. They inspired the world and pioneered movements.


7) Do you think that the influx of international musicians performing here has taken the attention off local performers?
It depends from which side of the coin you look. You are giving domestic talent an opportunity to showcase, but too much of anything is never good — it’s about balance.

8) What’s on loop on your playlist now?
If I’d give you three songs I listened to today, they would be A good night by John Legend, Inhale by Duke Dumont and Dusk by S G Lewis.

9) Do you have any specific ritual before a performance?
I’m not superstitious but I always start my music playing on the right hand side.


10) What is it about Bengaluru that you like?
It is home. It has given me everything I have today — the people, music, DJs who have played a huge role in making me who I am and making me want to be who I am today.

— As told to Srishti Muralidharan