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Veteran organizer, Surmandal founder Mohan Hemmadi passes away

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Published on: October 19, 2023 | Updated on: October 19, 2023
Mohan Hemmadi

Mohan Hemmadi

Mohan Hemmadi who has served Indian classical music for the last 54 years passed away in Hyderabad on Thursday. Mohan Hemmadi, founder of Sur Mandal, who epitomized simplicity and depth was instrumental in popularising Hindustani music in Hyderabad. He devoted his lifetime to bringing the greats of Indian classical music to the public by organising concerts and festivals. His unwavering dedication to organizing top-notch music events showcased the beauty and depth of Indian classical music to audiences worldwide.

Mohan Gopal Hemmadi has rubbed shoulders with some of the greatest legends of Indian classical music and it was his efforts that gave the audiences in Hyderabad get opportunity to witness some of the world's finest Hindustani music performances. His meticulous planning and execution of each concert, from the selection of artists to the choice of venues, created an unparalleled musical experience for music lovers.

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