I've made folk music relevant, says Kailash Kher

Kailash Kher is responsible for bringing back Indian music into the limelight.

Musician Kailash Kher was mouthing poetry by Amir Khusro and Kabir even before he could understand what it meant. Born to a Hindu priest family, Kailash often performed impromptu musical acts for his friends and family.

Although he was confident that his voice would become his source of livelihood, what Kailash didn’t imagine is that one day, it would gain him legions of fans. Kailash considers himself lucky to be making music with mystic poetry as lyrics.

“I like the fact that I make music out of poetry. Let’s be honest, if I were to recite it, you would call me a baba. But when I sing it, it makes me look nothing less than a contemporary rockstar,” he laughs.

Today, Kailash is all set to doing what he does best — performing live to an audience. The singer promises the concert to be an enriching experience. “For me, entertainment is just a medium to give audiences an experience of my music.

My fans may hear my music, but this is the only chance at making an emotional connect, and really present my music in its purest form,” explains Kailash, adding that he will also sing a number from the epic drama, Bahubali at the gig.

The singer, who brought Sufi music to the fore with songs like Teri Deewani to the fore is glad that audiences are finally appreciative of it. He maintains that this is merely his attempt to preserve Indian roots.

He says, “Twenty years later, no musician may use the flute in his music, and listeners may not know what a flute sounds like. It is my way of preserving words and traditional music, to be honest. I am making folk music still relevant.” Kailash maybe a celebrated musician today — with even a Padma Shri to boast of — but success didn’t come easy to him.

At 14, the singer left home in search of a guru to help him learn the basics of music. “I got a thrashing from my parents when I told them I want to take it up professionally, but all it really did was fuel my passion for singing,” he states with a chuckle. With no break in hand, the singer even got into an import/export business, which understandably met with failure.

In 2001, Kailash finally decided to pursue his professional singing career seriously by landing up in Mumbai. “Even when I came to the city, I decided to work with people who would work with my album and compositions. Fortunately, this time my attempts gained fruition,” he says.

Looking back, Kailash says, it all worked out well, and wouldn’t change a thing about his journey. He says, “I don’t find the need to seek motivation in what I do. I am happy today. And when you’re happy with what you’re doing, I believe God is guiding you.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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