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Entertainment Music 18 Aug 2019 Meet Kensihaa Franci ...

Meet Kensihaa Francis who is going to come in every top Magazine of the world!

Published Aug 18, 2019, 12:33 pm IST
Updated Aug 18, 2019, 12:33 pm IST
She has that much command in her voice and languages which makes her different than ordinary singers in India.
Kensihaa Francis.
 Kensihaa Francis.

There is a wide gap between the ordinary singer and Rockstar singer and performer. The real singer can make you grove with music and makes you his/her fan in just one song, and this quality very few has in today's time.

Kenishaa Francis is a young Singer come, performer. A name which is spreading like and virus in music lovers mind, and why not when you have soulful voice and talent to impress a large number of the crowd with a stunning performance.


Kenishaa Francis and renowned singer performer have surprised everyone with her singing capability and powerhouse performances in recent times. She has a definite edge as she knows how to sing like western singers, she is a master of it. Very few Indian singers can sing as she sings in English and other seven languages.

It has been more than five years in singing. Kenishaa is continuously proving her talent at various places around India and worldwide.

What is making more Ga Ga over her is she is blessed with a beautiful voice, she dances like Pro while performing. When you watch her life, she is a total powerhouse. She creates a different atmosphere when she is performing on stage.


Kenishaa enjoys her music and takes full command when she is holding the mic in her hand. Her name came into the picture in 2015 with the show called "the stage".  Her career graph has seen immense growth in the last few years, all thanks to her talent.

This girl can sing in eight different languages. Phew! How can someone sing in these many languages? She is a learner and loves to learn different styles, and this has helped her to master these many languages, and she sings like Pro in each language.

She is a different kind of vocalist she has an extra edge over others because she can sing like an international star. She has excellent command over international music and songs. When she is singing in English, it feels like and western countries top singer is singing and performing the song. She has that much command in her voice and languages which makes her different than ordinary singers in India.


Kenishaa is also famous for her styling; she is a beautiful Diva. Her dressing sense is class better than designers. She likes to try new things and very passionate about her styling and all.  You can enjoy her styling by watching her pics and videos on her Instagram, where she is very much famous for whatever she does.

This girl should try movies because she has that charm and presence, which will mesmerize audiences when she will come on the silver screen. She is a dusky beauty which can stun everyone with her looks and voice.

Well, we can go on and on her life and her stories. We are just stopping here with wishing her all the best for her bright future. We want her making it more prominent in life as she has that extra edge in her which will surely going to take her to the top in whatever she tries in her life.