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It’s time to start the discussion: Sofia Ashraf

Published May 15, 2016, 12:00 am IST
Updated May 15, 2016, 1:34 am IST
Sofia Ashraf
 Sofia Ashraf

Right from the time when the TN Elections CEO started a quirky social media campaign, it has been a welcome sight to witness youngsters taking several initiatives to create awareness about voting. Prominent musician and social activist, Sofia Ashraf (of Kodaikanal Won’t fame) has now come up with an interesting music video, En Vote Unakkillai (My vote is not for you) — The NOTA Song for Culture Machine’s digital channel Put Chutney.

The video, apart from urging youngsters to vote, also reminds one about the ‘NOTA’ option.  The hit video’s makers speak to DC on how voting is more than a civic responsibility, and why the youth are disinterested towards politics.
“Today’s youth mostly shy away from politics as they consider it to be too dirty.

They’re of this opinion mainly due to the fact that they’re shielded away from politics right from a very young age,” starts Sofia on a thoughtful note. She adds, “Though we can’t change their mindset overnight, it has to be a step-by-step process — it’s high time that we, as youngsters, start the discussion right now.”

Speaking about how they zeroed in on making a music video, she says, “Suren Vikhash, the lyricist actually came up with this idea during the Chennai floods. When he conveyed the idea to me, it was very catchy and impactful. And, when I approached Put Chutney, they immediately gave their nod.” When we query, why the video focuses on NOTA, she replies, “Many state that they are disinterested towards politics as they find no one trustworthy. If that’s the case, why not show their dissent by casting their vote as NOTA?”

Sofia is also glad that the video has been getting polarised response — “This is what we exactly wanted. We need people to disagree and argue. Those who watched the video,  stated that they are going to vote for sure.” Meanwhile, Rajiv Rajaram has his say about social media campaigning for voting awareness. “What’s the point in having knowledge about several things and not turning up to vote? It’ll be overwhelming if people feel provoked to vote, after seeing our videos,” he opines.



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