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Entertainment Music 14 Jul 2019 Here's all abou ...

Here's all about Dj Karan Bhatia - Bollywood's leading music master!

Published Jul 14, 2019, 12:28 pm IST
Updated Jul 14, 2019, 12:28 pm IST
This middle east Dj has won the award in 2017-18 in Dubai, and he was honoured as best Dj both India and Pakistan Cinema.
DJ Karan Bhatia.
 DJ Karan Bhatia.

Djing is a creative and productive job. Many superstar DJ's in the western world have written their names in stone, legends like Calvin Harris, Guetta and many more. They have supplied the DJ world with new hype in terms of popularity and huge earnings. Now DJ's are no more stars of their cities, they are becoming party charmers who collaborate and work with other music artists around the entire world with their remixed take on original music.

While talking about DJs who are charming people with their Music in the western world, we think what about ASIA? Well, we are not far behind because we have DJ Karan Bhatia.


Dj Karan, is a new sensation, a superstar of the DJ world in Asia. DJ Karan has delivered some great mixes. He has a unique ability to charm and make his listeners chant his tunes which differentiates him from ordinary Dj's. His name is buzzing high at parties, clubs, concerts and events with his original Music worldwide.

Very few DJ's makes their name worldwide, and in those names comes Dj Karan, his remixes are driving people crazy. He has played his mixes and tracks in top countries and cities like Dubai, USA, India, Chile, Bali, and many other places.

Music lovers who love to listen to the Spotify and sound cloud and youtube never miss Dj Karan's tracks.  His tracks get the highest number of streams. Most of his records get more than 30k views and plays on youtube and that too in a matter of minutes.

He has come a long way with his passion for Djing and when you examine his journey, you can see how much work he has done in a short period. You name the house, and he is master in it, there is no house which Dj Karan can't play. Indeed Dj Karan has made a special place in every music lover’s heart with his Music.

Dj Karan is phenomenal EDM music player, and he is a regular part of significant events, and it's like any big event or night parties in clubs. You will see Dj Karan performing and making people dance on his grooving Music.

He deserves every bit of their success, and the overwhelming response he is getting is all thanks to his EDM mastery, and he fully deserves that. Dj Karan Bhatia has brought new vibe in EDM music with his energetic beats in our part, and he is redefining the Dj world with his majestic touch and music sense. He is a modern generation hybrid musician who is creating new Music with his talent.

This middle east Dj has won the award in 2017-18 in Dubai, and he was honoured as best Dj both India and Pakistan Cinema. He is a trendsetter for many young talents who want to join this world surely he is an inspiration to many, and you can learn many things from Master of DJ - Karan Bhatia. He is coming up with many new albums this year after getting success in his latest Music..