Butter' than the rest

The Buttering Trio is here in the city, all the way from Israel.

To take your mind off the exhausting work week and retreat into a trance zone through their musical kaleidoscope, The Buttering Trio is here in the city, all the way from Israel. Heavy beats, fat bass lines and poignant lyrics when combined with live instruments played by the three members of this band cast a perfect spell on the audience.

Having launched their first album in 2012, the ensemble has only progressed to have a growing fan base not just in their country but also globally. The vocalist Keren, Yuvi who is synced with the synthesizer and the bass specialist Beno together formed the band. However for their debut in India, replacing Beno is a well known Israeli artist Yonatan Albaalak.

Keren and Yuvi who went to high school together realised the similarity in the kind of music that they were individually producing during their post school years and met Beno who seemed a perfect match as the trio embarked on their musical journey without having a fixed plan. All three of them hail from the city of Tel Aviv, located on the Mediterranean coast of Israel, which according to Yonatan (the sharp one among the members) is a ‘pressure cooker’ that provides a constant motivation to do something specially in music.

As the trio travels the ‘magical India’ as Keren likes to call it; they are excited to explore the cultural expanse of the nation. As she talked about the journey, their music has taken them on, Keren said, “This band allows us to do what we like and when we see people enjoy it in the same capacity; it feels miraculous.”
The band finds its untraditional name perfect in describing who they are. Through their unconventional albums, Toast, Jam and Threesome they have been presenting a melodious reverie that’s not so usual. “I believe our music is very wide; we don’t try to make anything specific which has allowed us to have this kind of reach,” said Keren as she talked about their unique and experimental creations.Their music has been an attempt to add some ‘funk to the desert and bring peace in a troubled region’. “This music is like healing; especially for people when they are dealing with war; it provides them a break and a diversion from what they are going through,” believes the bohemian band.

Their ability to stream together funk, hip-hop, breakbeats, and everything in between puts them in the periphery of cult heroes. The upcoming performance will have a mix of compositions from their earlier albums along with some new ones from their upcoming album which will be played for the first time exclusively for the ‘shiny people of the technological capital’ as Yuvi likes to put.

While Yonatan prompts the audience to come prepared to groove to their beats, Yuvi whose stage name is ‘Rejoicer’says, “Come in peace, enjoy yourselves and allow us to free your spirits as we take you with us on this musical journey.” Nodding to her fellow mates, Keren adds, “Let’s have no expectation; just be with us in that moment.”

What: The Buttering Trio When: February 9 , 9 PM
Where: Fandom at Gilly's Redifned, Koramangala
Entry: Rs 200

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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