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Komorebi's ray of electronica

Deccan Chronicle| Ruth Prarthana

Published on: October 6, 2017 | Updated on: October 6, 2017

Her new album is up for release and this 23-year-old who was in town recently, is working with Zoya Akhtar next.

Musician Tarana Marwah who is better known as Komorebi

Musician Tarana Marwah who is better known as Komorebi

In an age where music has been categorised into several genres, it is admirable that this young lady wants to experiment with the electronica genre. It may be a daunting prospect but Delhi-based music composer /vocalist/keyboardist and producer Tarana Marwah is up for the challenge. She was in Bengaluru recently to kick-off her album launch tour. Having planned an elaborate Candyland themed tour for her album Soliloquy’s release, Tarana shares with us her journey so far in music. Her father was her main inspiration to enter the world of music. "My father was into a lot of songs sung by Kishore Kumar and Mohammed Rafi and he used play the tabla and sing old Bollywood songs." 

She however got into Western music because Tarana’s father used to make her listen to artistes like Phill Collins and The Eagles. "He told me that I should pursue music as I have a knack for it and he is my main reason to get into the music line," says the 23-year-old Delhiite. 

Tarana is full of praise for the music scene in India. "Our country is very diverse and rich in culture. Every second person on the street is into some form of art. Especially Delhi, which offers many opportunities for people who are into jazz or those who love Carnatic music," she says. The artiste spent her early formative years in Canada and returned to India when she was 12. That is where she learnt classical Western music by performing in auditoriums in Vancouver. Tarana also goes by the name Komorebi.  A name she selected because of her love for Japan and all things Japanese. All her music is inspired is by Japanese art, anime and manga. This Canadian return adds, "Komorebi is a Japanese word which means ‘sunlight that filters through tree leaves.’" Being a die-hard anime fan, she recommends that we check out animes such as Hunter Hunter, Steins Gate and Death Note. She is also a huge fan of Shiro Sagisu, a Japanese music composer and producer.

As mentioned earlier, Tarana has planned an all-India tour for her album. "Soliloquy is like a big themed show. Since the theme is Candyland, I was thinking of organising a circus with costumes, art, visuals, animated videos" she adds. All of her tracks have collaborations with artistes like Warren Mendosa, Sohrab Nicholson and Mohini Dey. Talking about the response she has been getting for her music, Tarana confesses, "The response from the audience up until now has been really great, all positive." Tarana is full of praise for her drummer, Suyash Gabriel who worked with her on this album. They have also done a live performance together.  "Suyash is a lovely person. He brings a lot of energy on stage when we perform and it has been an absolute pleasure working with him." She adds. 

Tarana believes that music is very personal and beautiful. "I think it’s one of the best forms of expression. One can express what he/she feels on the inside through music." She adds.  

Some of Tarana’s prized possession would include her Seagull Merlin guitar and her Oraganelle which is made by a company called Critters and Guitars. 

"I would have been a chef if not for music. All my free time is spent watching cooking shows on TV," she chuckles. Her family she says is really proud of all that she has achieved in the music field. "Currently, I am working on a score for a project for Zoya Akhtar," she adds.

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