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Deccan Chronicle| Ruth Prarthana

Published on: July 6, 2018 | Updated on: July 6, 2018

Crooning a story of the trails and tribulations of an entrepreneur, watch this unique performance that will be staged in the city.

Smita and Ram

Smita and Ram

Antah Prerna shows us the journey of an aspiring entrepreneur. It started of as a fun project where the team explored the relationship between entrepreneurship and music with the use of diverse multi-media like visuals, musical instruments etc. It is the creative project of Chritra Srikrishna, a classical musician and writer. Like most classical musicians, Chitra wants this style of music to reach the masses. She says, "I have been performing Carnatic for a long time. The thought of how to make it more accessible to a larger audience was always on my mind. Sad but true, classical music is still confined to only a small group." Before Antah Prerna, Chitra came out with two projects that were well-received in India and the US — Hum Raag and Bhakthi. A walk in wood with her husband led her to come up with the idea of Antah Prerna. "As I was brainstorming, my husband suggested that I do a dramatic presentation of an entrepreneur’s journey. As I was trying to come up with an idea to present this musically, I was thinking of the struggle faced by poets, mystics, artists and musicians who experienced despair and disappointment. In this show, I try to draw parallels between those who face similar situations." Audiences, Chitra elaborates, can expect a variety of songs, classical and semi-classical in different languages from around the country. About the concept Chitra adds, "It is a narration of an entrepreneur’s journey that is accompanied by music. While Smita and Ram, the narrators take the audience on a journey, I will be singing songs that will talk about similar sentiments." Through this show, Chitra wants people to know that it’s the journey that matters, and not the end. The highs and lows that one faces in life makes you a better person. 

Smita and Ram are the founders of a city-based social organisation Rangde. They are also the narrators of this show. Smita says, " Ram and I will be talking about our journey as entrepreneurs. We will touch upon various aspects of this journey which is related to what Chitra will be singing about." For Smita, this was a very unique and creative way to bring their story to life. Talking about how the two enterpreneur prepared for it, she says, "Chitra helped us with the musical aspect of the show. The only preparation we had to do is to link the music with our story. It was all about sharing the right thing at the right time." Through the course of doing the show, Smita relived many memories. The success brought joy while the lows taught her lessons. Chitra plans to take Antah Prerna to various cities in India as well as the US. She feels that this project does not have to be only about an enterpreneur’s life, it could be about anyone.

— The show is set to be staged at Bangalore International Center on July 13.

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