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Published on: October 5, 2023 | Updated on: October 5, 2023

From traditional Telugu melodies to global acclaim, Hyderabad bands are making their presence felt on the global music stage

Capricio, Hyderabad's pioneering Telugu band. (Images: DC)

Capricio, Hyderabad's pioneering Telugu band. (Images: DC)

Known for its rich cultural heritage and global appeal, Hyderabad’s Telugu bands have found international recognition, attracting diverse audiences and leaving their mark worldwide.

These bands perfectly integrate classic Telugu melodies with contemporary genres, creating a unique musical fusion that resonates with listeners worldwide. Three prominent bands — Threeory, Capricio, and Deccan Project, have earned international acclaim, performing in cities ranging from Paris to Tokyo.

Their performances at home and abroad have turned concerts, pubs, and events into unforgettable experiences, enticing music fans from all over the world to immerse themselves in the vivid rhythm of Telugu music.

Down under in Melbourne, the six-piece Telugu cover sensation, Band Capricio, rocked the Melbourne Pavilion to a roaring crowd not too long ago. Meanwhile, on the same groove-filled weekend, over at the Gachibowli Sports Village Stadium, the beats of Threeory received a divine nod from none other than the rhythm maestro himself, the legendary South composer Ilayaraja this year. They kicked off his live concert with a bang a couple of months back.

And if you’ve been sipping on cocktails in Hyderabad’s swanky pubs, you’ve probably heard Deccan Project’s viral Telangana rap — Taginaka Fight Ayitadi, Gantalona Light Ayitadi, Crowd Anta Fan Ayitadi — echoing through the night with contagious enthusiasm. These Telugu bands are turning every gig into a spicy, foot-tapping extravaganza! Let’s delve into the story behind these bands, who perform more out of passion than for a pay-check.

Telugu maestros

Capricio, Hyderabad’s pioneering Telugu band, has left an indelible mark on the city’s music scene. There musical repertoire is deeply rooted in Telugu culture, making them the first regional band from Hyderabad.

Their journey began in November 2016, and since then, they’ve not only established themselves as musicians but also as music producers and songwriters. Raj notes, "While Capricio occupies most of our time, we also produce music and craft our own tunes."
What distinguishes Capricio is their unique schedule, performing on weekends while enjoying weekdays off. This unconventional approach has reshaped Hyderabad’s live music scene by infusing Telugu music into club culture. Raj emphasizes, "Our impact on the current Hyderabad scene has been substantial."

Their influence extends beyond the city, with celebrity performances, appearances at award ceremonies, and a tour of 23 US cities in September and October 2022. They’ve also performed on stages in Australia, Dubai, and Bali for private events.

Their most cherished medleys, such as Urumulu X Athindhom and Yamaha Nagari X Madhura Meenakshi, continue to captivate audiences, solidifying Capricio’s reputation as a band worth watching closely.

Musical trailblazers

The Deccan Project is a vibrant Telugu band led by Vivek Nethi on drums, Nikhil Vanam on guitar, Kanakaraj Kadimini on bass, Sai Madhav on vocals, and Srikant Sakri on keyboards. Their journey began when college buddies, including Vivek and Nikhil, rekindled their love for music. Former members of the music club Crescendo at VNR VJIET during their engineering college days, they decided to establish the band in 2017 while working full-time jobs.

Their five-year-old passion project is now a vital part of their lives, demonstrating their fulfilling journey. Regarding the evolution of Hyderabad’s nightlife, Vivek Nethi notes a significant shift, stating, "The audience has grown more discerning, and live music has become integral to nightlife."

The Deccan Project performs at famous clubs, putting their own spin on Telugu and Hindi film music. Since their beginning in 2018, crowd favourites including Petrap, Chaila Chaila, Kabali, and Muta Maestri have reinforced their reputation for infusing the perfect ambiance into every event.

They dream of performing at iconic stages like Mood Indigo and Saarang, further cementing their musical journey.

Live sensation

Threeory, the musical sensation, captivates a wide range of audiences. As the powerful female lead singer, Syntyche Mongro, explains, "We perform at numerous nightclubs. Additionally, we infuse our musical magic into corporate events, private shows, and weddings."

The band’s music is a compelling blend of English, Rock, Carnatic fusion, and regional Indian flavours, embracing South Indian languages and Bollywood classics to create a one-of-a-kind musical fusion. Tarun Vishal, the band’s talented drummer says, "Our musical journey began a decade ago, and we’ve only grown stronger, both musically and emotionally. We are full-time musicians, and some of us also run small businesses and teach online music lessons."

Their claim to fame includes winning the Best Live Act Band award from INCA, opening for Bryan Adams in Hyderabad in 2018, and embarking on a recent musical tour in Australia. Their live performances are electric, featuring crowd favourites such as jamming sessions among instrumental players, including the sitar and violin, and soul-stirring vocal renditions.
For the band, live music means everything, as Syntyche passionately states, "From the adrenaline rush of stepping on stage every day to witnessing the joyous crowd singing along to every note, live music means being present in the moment, surrounded by kindred spirits. We are at our happiest when we perform."

As Threeory continues to groove, surprise, and captivate audiences with their unique melodies, their dream is to share their magic with people from all over India and beyond.

"From the adrenaline rush of stepping on stage every day to witnessing the joyous crowd singing along to every note, live music means being present in the moment, surrounded by kindred spirits. We are at our happiest when we perform." — Syntyche Mongro, Threeory band.

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