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Role of musical discourse in our ideas and beliefs

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Published on: August 4, 2017 | Updated on: August 4, 2017

We are aware that Appaya Deekshitar was a sage and is considered as an avatar of Lord Siva.

Balasubramania Raman

Balasubramania Raman

It is said that after Adi Sankara the world has not seen a genius, a yogi, a bhaktha, and a scholar like Appaya deekshitar,  says Balasubramania Raman, a versatile scholar, in all the themes of Hindu religion and a great authority in Sanskrit, who is performing musical religious discourse for the last 50 years, which have so far numbered over 7,000.

Q. Does musical discourse shape our thoughts, ideas , beliefs, values and identities?
"Yes says religious orator Balasubramania Raman. In the good olden days of guru shishya tradition, the spontaneous flow of words, from the great souls was the amrithadhaara (flow of nectar), which has the potential, to rejuvenate the tired minds and act as the greatest motivator, to orient the listeners, to the most meaningful path in life, avers this Sanskrit scholar , who was tutored by his father and guru Kandamangalam Balasubramania Iyer, a great scholar in Sanskrit and a staunch devotee of Appaya Deekshitar, he was also a great exponent of Brahmasutra Bhasyam and had made a research study of Srimad Ramayanam. 

We are aware that Appaya Deekshitar was a sage and is considered as an avatar of Lord Siva. He is a reputed author, who won fame mostly on his works on Vedanta. His poems in praise of Lord Siva, are great favorites, among the worshipers of Lord Siva, he has written, Learned commentary entitled "Parimala" on Vedanta, which is a standing monument , of his philosophic erudition .

It is also said that when he went to Tirupati temple, the Vaishnavites refused him admission. The next morning, they found the Vishnumurthy in the temple changed into Sivamurthy.

When they prayed to change the idol back to Vishnumurthy, their prayers were acceded to, indicating that both Lord Vishnu and Lord Siva, are one and the same and no distinction exists. (Hariyum Sivanum onru). 

A great devotee of Appaya Deekshitar, Pravachana Ratnakara Balasubramania Raman, who expounds Sanathana Dharma, has released a compact disc. Highlighting atma arpana stuti, composed by Deekshitar, much to the appreciation of bhakthas. No doubt his bhakthimala series exposition, covering various topics, with apt quotation from Vedas and various scriptures, are in great demand

Q. What he cherishes most in life?
Was an employee of Indian Institute of Technology and, I was deputed to the fifth world Sanskrit conference at Varanasi, where I presented papers on "Samhitas", winning kudos from the scholars and the blessings I received from Maha Periava of Kanchi mutt, in the form of Rudrakshamala , when I recited slokas in Atma Arpana Stuti composed by Appaya Deekshitar, in the presence of his holiness.  

He concludes, "All of us know, the lord really dwells, in all of us, is reachable and just a call away, when invoked with a pure heart and whole hearted devotion."  
(The writer is a well known music critic who has won awards both in India and abroad for propagation of classical arts and music)

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