Entertainment Music 03 Mar 2018 Strumming on a high

Strumming on a high

Published Mar 3, 2018, 12:11 am IST
Updated Mar 3, 2018, 12:11 am IST
City guitarist Gaurav Govilkar likes to keep it clean. In a tongue-in-cheek, he answers our rapid fire!
Gaurav Govilkar
 Gaurav Govilkar

1) What are you currently working on? 
Currently working on a Kannada short film score. A low budget beginner's project.

2) How do you like to describe your profession?
A magician who can mend how people feel with the sounds he makes.


3) What drives you up the wall?
White lies.

4) Classicist or just another Tinder user? 
Not really. I’m a sucker for old school romance.

5) What’s that one thing in your bag you always keep, before a blind date?
I haven’t been to that many blind dates. So I wouldn’t know. Not really that wanted, you see!

6) The most embarrassing onstage blooper? 
I acted as playing guitar for an entire song when my actual volume on the guitar was zero!

7) The most ridiculous thing that you’ve been told on a date?
I was asked to finish my coffee and not waste it before we left.


8) If you could change something about the world in 20 minutes, what would it be?
Put more art in the world. 

9) What’s on the loop on your playlist now?
David Bowie — 5 years’

10) A quirky trait not many people know about you...
That I also can dance