I will work in Hollywood soon: Pragathi Guruprasad

Singer and actor Pragathi Guruprasad is all set for her debut world tour this month, making her one of the youngest to do so.

If it weren’t impressive what she’s achieved in her career already, singer-actress Pragathi Guruprasad has now added yet another massive feather to her cap: becoming one of the youngest south Indian singers to have her own world tour!

The teenager, who is currently studying in the U.S, has been shuttling between India and the west for several years now, ever since she shot to fame with her stint on a reality show.

Pragathi, who’s also sung playback for several Tamil films (working with the likes of Anirudh Ravichander and Santhosh Narayanan), is also rumoured to be working with director Bala soon for her anticipated film debut. Before we see more of her on-screen though, looks like audiences worldwide will get to see her up close and personal on stage often.

“I’ve been singing for nearly 13 years now. This world tour is my baby and to see it come to life is honestly the most incredible feeling. I’ve been putting this together with an amazing team for nearly seven months and being a part of the creative event management team and seeing this go live is truly amazing. I am so excited and hope the world is as well!” she gushes excitedly, from UCLA where she’s pursuing a degree.

With nine countries on the list so far (kicking off things with Malaysia and Singapore), Pragathi wants to take the tour more global as the year progresses — “I’m hoping to do six cities in the UK and four in Australia by the end of the year. I’ve assembled a very small team, such as the phenomenal Keba Jeremiah on the guitars and Shravan on the violins.”

The young star has also been touted for an acting debut many times in the recent past. But as far as the film front goes, Pragathi remains tight-lipped, true to the ubiquitous ‘Bala heroine’ image.

“You should ask Bala sir only about his plans! Otherwise, I have been approached for a few interesting projects recently. Although great offers, I am yet to sign any. I want to be a part of projects that resonate with me and connect with my audience, and I am waiting on that. Maybe I can play a superwoman of some kind?” she giggles.

What does she have in mind once graduation from college happens in three years —move full-time to India?

“My entire career thus far wasn’t planned and I’ve been going with the flow and taking things as they come. I believe that once I get my degree and hopefully work in Hollywood soon, the path after that will be very obvious. For now, a lot of independent albums are in the works, and I have a really exciting music video coming out soon. I also want to collaborate with an English musician-producer and release a fusion track. Till then... carpe diem!” Pragathi signs off.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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