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Carnatic progressive rock band Agam have become a common name on the playlist. In a chat, the band tells us more about their journey...

Agam, a Bengaluru-based Carnatic progressive rock band has climbed the ladder of success slowly but surely. The big boys have amassed fans by the hordes, by striking an intelligent balance between Carnatic and progressive rock, ever since they began rustling up some soulful tracks on the side in the year 2007. But it looks like this year is all about crossing milestones. With their second album launch and some music tours on the anvil, there’s quite a handful to wait and watch out for.

Clearing the air about the common myths surrounding their music, lead vocalist and violinist Harish begins, “We don’t play any form of fusion. There have been speculations about the same, and it’s untrue. Our music is and will always be a melange of Carnatic and progressive rock. Our second album has more Indian elements put together. We’ve brought in a revival of the 13th century non-mainstream, traditional (South Indian) music. The material has a strong traditional South Indian Carnatic music influence. There are going to be eight songs, out of which three are our own compositions.”

The band name, which means the ‘inner self’ in Tamil, has been quite particular about one aspect — that their music is real. “We started out to be able to create and play honest and real music. We continue to do so. The need to put up a good show is what actually matters,” states Praveen. The band comprises Harish, Swamy on the keyboard, while Praveen and Jagadish play the guitars, Kasyap on bass, Ganesh on drums and Shiva on percussion.

The musicians, armed with steady day jobs, have carved quite a niche during their decade old journey, which has been challenging and rewarding at the same time. And they’re constantly optimistic about the thriving music scene in the country.

“As long as people like what we create, and there’s meaningful music being produced, we believe that the burgeoning music scene is the way forward. Every accolade that has come our way has been a result of unrelenting determination. Also, art has no room for competition,” says Praveen.

He adds, “We have collaborated with Indian musicians in the past, and we’d love to continue with it. Our music has always been about resonating with the listener, so as far as that remains, we are open to collaborations and newer ideas.”

A much-talked about album launch aside, the band has a couple of music tours, and it’s an exciting phase ahead. “We will be playing in Malaysia, on September 9 at the Malaysian Independent live fusion festival. It’s exciting as it’s going to be our first time there. We will also be travelling to Europe at the start of the next year. Our fingers are crossed!”concludes Harish.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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